Ryan Switzer
Ryan Switzer is making an impression at Steelers’ training camp this offseason.(Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

At the end of the 2019 season, wide receiver Ryan Switzer was getting plenty of flack for his poor play. To many football fans, Ryan Switzer is a nobody. Scott Logush even had to write a “Who the Fuck is That Guy”, about him. However, Pittsburgh fans know all about Ryan Switzer, and they were fed up with him last year.

When the Steelers selected large wide receiver Chase Claypool in the 2nd round and signed several free agents, most Steelers’ fans rejoiced. After these offseason moved fans waited eagerly for the Steelers to finally cut Switzer out of the active roster. But in the end, it looks like the Steelers won’t kick out Switzer as many hoped.

When training camp began most assumed that Switzer would make the roster on his relationship with Ben Roethlisberger alone. Now that we have had a few days of training camp we can see that his relationship with Big Ben did very much help. Switzer’s experience and relationship allowed him to cap off the Steelers’ two-minute drill with a touchdown yesterday at training camp.

Switzer also improved his speed and hands in the offseason. This would allow him to beat out other receivers for the return man position. A position that many heavily criticized him for. In 2019, even rookie Diontae Johnson outperformed Switzer at the return position. With Johnson getting a more important role as a receiver in 2020, Switzer may have to take the helm as the starting return man once again. His work ethic and experience seem to be finally be paying off.

At this rate, both Saeed Blacknall and Amara Darboh will be left in the dust by Ryan Switzer. The two receivers thought that they were competing with Switzer but, now he’s out of reach. Ryan Switzer may have had a few shortcomings in the past, but the hate this offseason has fueled him. He isn’t a top receiver on his team. but he has decided not to be beaten out of as a player on the 53-man roster.

Ryan Switzer will stay a Steeler for 2020, and he is coming back to prove every fan wrong.