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Rookie Quarterbacks In 2021 Should Start Week 1

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Let Rookie Quarterbacks Learn On The Fly

The 2021 draft class, a quarterback-driven draft of questions of which quarterback was gonna land where. A total of five quarterbacks were taken in the first round. Rookie Trevor Lawerence was the clear number one pick going to Jacksonville as he was one of the highest-graded prospects at the position ever. For some reason, Zach Wilson was a lock going to the New York Jets. I mean it is the Jets so they just like to screw themselves over. Probably just picked a name out of a hat. After that, the 49ers were the biggest question. They were thinking Trey Lance or Mac Jones. Don’t know why Justin Fields was not in the conversation for any of the three teams. All he did was take Ohio State to two playoffs and beat Trevor Lawerence. Fields would wind up with the Bears and Mac Jones with the Patriots. All have had questions if they would start week one besides of course Zach Wilson. They just said fuck it. We gonna be ass anyway. Why is there so much controversy on starting these much more talented quarterbacks than washed-up veterans?

Trevor Lawerence Vs Gardner Minshew

After drafting Trevor Lawerence everyone thought he was the clear-cut favorite to start week 1. The Jacksonville Jaguars would not commit to him at the start of camp. They would go on later saying this week the top prospect would start week one. Even just questioning him, just putting it out there that Gardner Minshew could really start over Lawerence is absurd. They made the correct decision in starting Lawerence and Minshew has since been traded. Jaguar fans (the few there are) would throw a fit if he did not.

Trey Lance Vs Jimmy Garoppolo

This may be the only valid quarterback controversy of all the teams. Rookie Trey Lance has all the tools to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He has the physical tools, athletism, and arm talent all NFL teams look for. The problem is Lance does not have a whole lot of tape out there on him. He only played one game in 2020 due to covid. The speed of the NFL is a huge adjustment especially if you haven’t played a live game in a year. Another issue is the 49ers are ready to win now. Just a year removed from a Super Bowl appearance with Jimmy G at the helm. Jimmy G is a great game manager but he is not going to make other players around him better. He can not go and win you a game with his arm. Kyle Shanahan can win with Jimmy G with his play-calling. Trey Lance has looked good during the preseason, not great but good. Why not throw the young quarterback out there to learn and get better? The Niners have a good enough team and coach to get through the growing pains.

Justin Fields Vs Andy Dalton

THIS ONE IS CRAZY TO ME!!! ANDY DALTON?! No Bears fan wants to see Andy Dalton at starting quarterback week 1. Dalton has looked horrible so far in the preseason. Rookie Justin Fields looks like he may be the readiest outside of Lawerence to play week 1. He has looked pretty good during his first two preseason games. Andy Dalton is an average to a below-average quarterback. The bears are just waiting for him to fuck up to pull him for Fields. So why wait?! Throw him into the fire he can do just as well as Andy or even better. Fields is the starting quarterback next year no matter what. Why sit him a couple of games just to put him in later. All Bears fans are excited for their first-round quarterback. A position they have always had a problem with throughout their entire existence as a franchise. Let the kid play, it will help your franchise in the long run.

Mac Jones Vs Cam Newton

Cam Newton is a shell of his old MVP self. I am surprised he even made it another year with the patriots. His body has taken a beating over the years opposing his will on defenses with his big frame and running ability. Ankle injuries and shoulder surgery are making it tough for him. When he throws the ball it just looks as he has to put everything into it just to get the ball there. We saw last year many ducks from Cam where balls were landing short of the receiver. He is on a very short leash this year with rookie Mac Jones emerging. His latest stunt with Covid will not help me as well. Mac Jones is coming off one of the greatest quarterback seasons in college football history. Mac Jones does not have the greatest are either but is above Cam’s. Through the preseason he has looked very poised in the offense finding receivers throwing some nice deep balls as well. The Patriots don’t ask a lot from their quarterback. Tom Brady was so great for them because he always made the right plays to win a game. They rely on their defense philosophy to win games. Mac Jones should absolutely start week 1 for the Patriots. For some reason they want him to sit back and “Learn”. Look for him to be in within a few weeks to take over for Cam.

Why Is This Narrative Out There That Rookies Aren’t Ready to Play?

This is one of the most talented quarterback draft classes we have ever seen coming into the NFL. Yet, coaches still want to sit the young stars they just invested so much into. They are going to go through growing pains as a rookie quarterback. The best way to learn is through playing time and adjusting to NFL speed. If they sit all year they will still have to adjust that next year. Not playing them is saying you are not looking to win anyway with a veteran quarterback no one wants. So let the fans enjoy what could be their franchise quarterback. Peyton Manning threw a league record 28 interceptions his rookie season going 3-13. No one faulted him or thought he was a bust. He came the next year balling because of his experience and flipped his team record around.

Patrick Mahomes worked out by sitting him the first year. They had a quarterback that would take them to the playoffs and win the division though with Alex Smith. I am pretty sure Patrick Mahomes would have been just fine if he started week one. As he is looking like he will be one of the best quarterbacks ever to play. All I am saying is let these young studs play! As fans, we do not want to watch these other washed-up veterans from other teams. We are willing to sacrifice some headaches to see our future franchise quarterbacks. We know at the end of the day, it is not our time to win a Super Bowl. It will be one day with our talented and experienced quarterback.



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