Romeo Langford
Romeo Langford looks like a deer in headlights. It’s time for the first round pick to get with the program or get cast aside like James Young. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)AP

Every player is going to count as the Celtics enter a deep postseason run in 2020. I gotta be honest, I’m over the Romeo Langford thing. Maybe that’s not fair. Most 20-year-old rookies aren’t going to be steady contributors right away. However, they at least have to show some promise, right? I’m done with Romeo Langford. Can’t do it anymore.

Romeo Langford just looks lost. This is the same guy who forgot players could get traded. The first round pick from Indiana just looks high all the time and never looks like he knows what to do. I get a lot of James Young vibes with Langford. I hope I’m wrong but I’m not sure Brad Stevens can salvage this one. So far, I see a player that’s lackadaisical and lacks a high basketball IQ.

Langford has been nothing short of god awful. He’s shooting 35 percent from the floor and .185 percent from 3. If Langford shoots, it’s pretty much a lock that ball isn’t going in. It’s not like Langford could shoot in college either so I have pretty much no hope he’s going to develop a shot.

The Celtics acquired Langford as part of the Markelle Fultz – Jayson Tatum trade. The good news is if Langford never pans out, the Celtics already won this trade. Langford is just gravy. It would be nice if Langford works but he was a throw in anyway.

There have been times Langford has impressed but it’s come in short spurts. For the most part, he looks high and lost. We’re in the playoffs now. The deer in the head lights moments need to stop. Time to get with the program and become a contributor.