Rodney McLeod
Rodney McLeod has been lost for the season (Al Bello/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles have one of the best defenses in the NFL. Everyone talks about Malcolm Jenkins but his running mate, Rodney McLeod may be just as important as the starting free safety. McLeod suffered a torn MCL during Sunday’s win over the Colts. Now after surgery, he has been lost for the season.

Derrick Gunn of NBC Sports Philadelphia reported the news:

This loss would be something Eagles fans should worry about but Howie Roseman is always five steps ahead. Corey Graham will likely fill the void who excels on special teams. Graham played a huge role during the Ravens Super Bowl run in 2012 as the primary slot corner. Graham may not be McLeod but he’s a good player.

“It really don’t change much,” Graham said on Sunday night about possibly taking over a starter’s role. “We’re going to run our same packages, do the same thing we’ve been doing. Instead of playing 30 plays a game, I’ll play 60. It don’t really change too much for me. I’ll still be doing the same exact thing, but more.”

Then there’s Deiondre Hall who Roseman stole from the Bears. Chicago gave up on Hall after he was suspended for the season opener. Hall has a big ceiling after getting selected in the fourth round in 2016 as a really long cover guy. Would you really be surprised if Hall plays well? This is what Howie does.

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McLeod doesn’t get the love he deserves but has 6 seasons over the first two years of his Eagles tenure. McLeod, 28, is under contract through 2020 with the Eagles worth $7.5 million in 2019 and $8.5 in 2020. With the Eagles heading into cap purgatory when Carson Wentz’s contract becomes very expensive.

The 2-1 Eagles will square off against the Titans in week 4.