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Rob Ninkovich: Mac Jones Helped Cam Newton Learn Patriots Playbook

I’m sorry, WHAT? Mac Jones was apparently helping Cam Newton learn the Patriots playbook. Despite Jones being a rookie, and this was Cam’s second offseason with the playbook, Jones was the one who knew it better. That’s madness and hilarious.

Rob Ninkovich claimed that the rookie out of Alabama was the one helping the former NFL MVP learn the playbook, that’s hilarious to think about.

I’ve got some inside sources now, and I won’t say names. But what I learned from what I gained, no inside sources in the actual building, from everything that I understand now. Mac was basically helping Cam learn the playbook. So imagine that. Because mac was having less mental errors. In having a better understanding of the offense, we didn’t see Cam run any two minute, we didn’t see him run any no huddle.

Rob Ninkovich, via The Dan and Ninko Show Tiktok account.

Rookie Mac Jones out of Alabama was the one helping a former MVP learn an NFL playbook, just think about that for a minute. Dad bod Jones, helping an MVP learn a playbook. That’s just, something else. No wonder Mac Jones won the job and Cam got cut.

Simply put, this is something that a veteran quarterback cannot allow to happen. You’re supposed to be the guy who’s been there before. You’re supposed to be the guy who knows how to prepare at the professional level, you shouldn’t have to rely on a rookie teaching you the playbook. Especially when you were with the team the season before, you should already know the playbook! This is just something that Cam can’t allow happen, especially if he wants to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. It looks like those days are gone now.

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