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Revival rumors swirl as Microsoft renews Viva Piñata trademark


Credit: Rare Games / Microsoft

Credit: Rare Games / Microsoft

Viva Piñata could well make a come back after Microsoft moved to renew the trademark, along with Blast Corps.

We last saw the Rare title in 2015, via the Xbox-exclusive Rare Replay, taking 30 years of history that the British company had created and presenting them to a new audience. Seven years later, Microsoft looks interested in revisiting some of the more unique games created by the studio.

Microsoft has recently renewed the trademarks for two of Rare’s IPs on the Global Brand Database after years of dormancy; Blast Corps launched in 1997 for the Nintendo 64 and while it didn’t reach the sales heights of other classics like Banjo Kazooie, the game was still fondly remembered for its over-the-top destruction. Viva Piñata released in 2006 on the Xbox 360 and was a completely different title, pretty much a first-person farming simulator featuring adorable candy-based animals, a hit with fans that birthed multiple sequels.

It’s natural business practice for companies to protect intellectual properties by renewing and creating trademarks, and it’s important to note that it doesn’t always mean players will receive a new entry. So don’t necessarily get excited.

Ahead of their 25th Anniversary celebrations, Square Enix registered two new Final Fantasy VII trademarks for Labyrinth Striker and Final Bar Line which are yet to get any official announcement or release.

With Rare continuing to support the popular Sea of Thieves and developing Everwild, it seems unlikely that the studio will have any input on any potential future release. Everwild was originally announced in 2020 but details remain scarce on the title as of yet.

ICYMI: Microsoft remake an iconic Xbox 360 feature

Original Article by Anthony Miranda

In the old days of the Xbox 360 era, players could not use any picture for their gamer picture. Instead, they had to use an Xbox-created picture. Xbox 360 allowed customization of your profile by letting users create a bio as well as change their gamer tag and gamer picture. This meant that the perfect gamer picture was imperative for completing your profile, as well as displaying your personality online.

There are a handful of iconic gamer pictures that hail from this Xbox 360 era. These simple but fantastic gamer pictures represent the fun and excitement that was Xbox while online gaming was still in its infancy. The online gaming landscape, with next-generation consoles such as the Xbox Series X/S, demonstrates the huge strides that were taken since the Xbox 360. However, some things are timeless. Microsoft realizes this as it has decided to bring back a few iconic gamer pictures.

These were two of the most popular gamer pictures from the Xbox 360 era. These gamer pictures often reflected the personalities of their users, as the Panda was used by more chill gamers and the boy blowing the bubble was the default go-to for toxic gamers. 

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