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Revisiting Matthew Berry’s Preseason Brady Take – Is Trey Daubert going to have to punch himself in the face?

I want to preface this piece by admitting my 2020 fantasy bold prediction was wrong. Back in August, on Vendetta’s Fantasy Football show, I suggested that Tom Brady would be a top-5 QB and Matthew Berry’s preseason predictions were similar. He ended the season ranked 9th.

While my prediction was incorrect, the new Buccaneers quarterback certainly surprised many with his performance this year. Through 16 weeks, he threw for 4,234 yards, 36 TDs, and 11 INTs. This led to an accumulation of 307.66 fantasy points.

Prior to the season, Matthew Berry was high on Brady and claimed that he would be a QB1 in 2020. Our very own Trey Daubert ripped him a new one for making this claim.

Looks like it is time to pay the piper. Let’s take a look at some quotes from Trey’s post:

By the way, there’s a zero percent chance Brady matches what Winston did but since he’s on your love list maybe your stupid enough to take the bet. Here are the terms. Winston scored 318.82 fantasy points through week 1-16. If Brady exceeds that I will humiliate myself by punching myself in the face live on camera and will write a blog about how snake drafts are an acceptable form of fantasy football.

Trey Daubert, Vendetta Sports Media

At first glance, it looks like Trey won the bet. However, the 318.82 fantasy points that Daubert claims Winston secured in 2019 excluded his Week 16 pitiful performance. At the end of the 2019 fantasy year, Jameis Winston ended up with 305.36 points.

By my calculations, that is less than Brady’s 307.66 points this year. So, now we wait for Trey to praise snake drafts and, more importantly, punch himself on camera.