Giannis Antetokounmpo
The Warriors are gearing up for a run at Giannis Antetokounmpo? Say what? (Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports)

Will Kevin Durant leave the Warriors after this season? That’s the topic that everyone wants to talk about. If Durant does leave the Warriors, Golden State would all of the sudden be in big trouble. However, the Warriors may already have their next target in mind. Golden State is ramping up their pursuit of Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2021? Wow.

The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson wrote recently that the Warriors are expected to recruit Giannis to the Bay area:

“Yet it’s likewise undeniably true that Steph and Giannis are buddies who are both represented by the same agency (Octagon) and share a mutual admiration that has resulted in Curry and Antetokounmpo selecting each other first overall with the No. 1 overall picks as captains in the first two All-Star drafts.

I can promise you, furthermore, that the Warriors have internally mused about a run at Giannis — however futile it may prove to be — in the event they can’t convince Kevin Durant to re-sign this summer. Trying to sign the most attractive free agent available is on the first page of the Golden State owner Joe Lacob’s playbook.”

This is just another article proving what I have been saying forever. The NBA is so boring that this is all that they have. Constantly obsessing about shuffling the deck and changing teams. After a while, it’s annoying. Especially when we are in the middle of the season. Now we’re talking about a guy who isn’t a free agency until 2021. Go get a life, Marcus Thompson.

From everything I’ve seen and read it looks like the Greek Freak is very happy in Milwaukee. Considering how good the Bucks have been this season, I’m not sure that they have anything to worry about.