Luke Walton
Luke Walton is expected to get fired after the season (Justin Ford/USA TODAY Sports)

Luke Walton has been a dead man walking from the moment LeBron James signed with the Lakers. No athlete in the history of American sports has been more of a coach killer than LeBron James. Mike Brown, (he tried his hardest to get Erik Spoelstra fired), David Blatt, and now Luke Walton. The Lakers are expected to fire Luke after the season.

Marc Stein of the New York Times had the following:

“The prevailing assumption in league coaching circles remains that Walton will almost certainly be dismissed after the season, followed by the Lakers resuming their trade quest for Davis. But denying Walton an opportunity to at finish out a season wrought with drama and distraction since James’s first dribble in purple and gold would be cruel and needless.”

This is classic LeBron. Insert the puppet. I’m sure Ty Lue will get the job. The ultimate puppet. Everyone knows that Ty Lue can’t really coach at all. That’s why the Cavs fired him after 6 games this year. He’s just LeBron’s guy and Lue lets him do whatever he wants.

I really don’t know what to make of Luke Walton. It seems like he gets the young guys to play real defense. That’s not always easy to do. Maybe his rotations are out of wack. Who knows. The only thing I do know is LeBron never respected him from the start and ignored his play calling from day one. The guy never had a fighting chance.

Let’s be honest here, Walton feels like the fall guy. The Lakers just aren’t a good basketball team. The veterans they signed this offseason have not contributed one iota. The whole team is a mess and I’m not sure Walton is even the 5th biggest problem on the team.