Dennis Rodman
Remembering the Dennis Rodman Hall of Fame Speech. We should appreciate Rodman for who he is. A player who made it out of the projects and became the glue to 5 championship teams. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images) Getty Images

Dennis Rodman was my favorite player growing up. He just fit my DNA growing up. Different, going to play his ass off on the defensive end, and willing to scrap for every loose ball. Sometimes, he needs to blow off some steam going on a crazy adventure. Remove the piercings and hair and that’s me. They don’t make many people that have a screw loose but the ones that do identify with Rodman.

After watching The Last Dance, I went back and watched his Hall of Fame speech. After the documentary, it just hits differently.

Rodman didn’t play for the money or the fame. He also choked up when he won Defensive Player of the Year. He just wanted to lay his heart on the line and know that people were proud of him. Dennis Rodman is an adversity story. He admits he could have been dead or homeless. Instead, he’s the greatest on-ball defender and rebounder the NBA has ever seen.

Rodman is also a 5 time champ part of the bad boy Pistons and final 3 peat of the Chicago Bulls. It’s really the golden era of the NBA. All of those championship teams, it was Rodman who served as the glue. There will never be another player like him and it’s almost disrespectful to even compare anyone to him.

You can see the emotion in his speech. Say whatever you want but Rodman is always honest. He grew up in tough circumstances and become a hall of fame basketball player. Let’s all chalk that up as a win. We should all celebrate Dennis Rodman. We need more players like him. Not less.