Raheem Mostert
Raheem Mostert is planning for larger workload in 2020. Does that mean Mostert is actually going to be the bell cow in San Francisco? (Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports)

Raheem Mostert Planning For Larger Workload In 2020

What should fantasy owners make of the 49ers backfield heading into 2020? Well, based on what happened last year, one could assume that Raheem Mostert is the dude. Will Mostert really become a bell cow for the 49ers? It’s not really in Shanahan’s DNA but it sounds like that could be the plan.

Mostert said he’s bulking up in preparation for a larger workload. This is excellent news for people that have or are planning on taking Mostert in fantasy:

“I’m actually gaining some more muscle, which is kind of bizarre,” Mostert told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I’m just trying to incorporate those things in my daily workouts so I’m able to take those hits and be one of those guys that are getting 200 carries. I’ve got to get prepared for that. And the only way I know how is to get bulky and stronger.”

Mostert has never been the primary runner. Now, Tevin Coleman still factors in but Mostert was so good last year, it’s almost a sure thing he’s the guy in 2020. If you needed more evidence, Matt Breida was traded and San Francisco didn’t replace him. Jerick McKinnon isn’t reliable at all either so he can’t be counted on as anything other than a 3rd down back.

So where does that leave Mostert in terms of fantasy? Probably being ranked far too low. The risk outweighs the reward. Sure, maybe this was all a flash in the pan. However, Mostert has a lot of carries left in the tank and the this is a great offense to be part of. I’ll take any lead back under Shanahan.