Tom Werner
Red Sox chairman Tom Werner roasted Dodger fans for celebrating Mookie Betts the best way possible. #BoomRoasted. (Michael Dwyer/AP)

Dodger fans have been so annoying during the whole offseason after acquiring Mookie Betts. It’s been more unbearable since Betts agreed to an extension after saying he would test free agency. Do the Red Sox have regrets for trading Betts? If so, they’re doing a good job at hiding it. Red Sox Charman Tom Werner ROASTED the Dodgers in the best way possible.

“When people are partying in Los Angeles, I just want to remind Los Angeles … that in the last 20 years, Los Angeles has won zero World Series and the Red Sox have won four,” Werner said on WEEI’s “Ordway, Merloni and Fauria.”

“I’ve got nothing to be complaining about regarding our past. We think we made the right decision at the time.”

Yeah! Suck on that Dodger fans! Quick rant here. Every team has a vibe to them. I hate the Yankees but their Yacht owner clean shaven vibe fits who they are. The Dodgers vibe is the absolute WORST. I was watching them on Opening Day and every player on that team thinks they’re a movie star. Giggling and smiling all swagged out. That’s all fine and well. SHOW ME THE RINGS… They have WAY too much swag for a team that’s won nothing since the 80’s.

We’re currently 2 games into the season (I know small sample… shut up) and Mookie Betts has a batting line of .182/.182/.182. It would be such a shame if the contract got in his head and he stunk this year. That would really be a shame!

Tom Werner has one thing on his side. Since the John Henry group took over, the Sox have gone from perennial losers to maybe the biggest winners in the sport. Liverpool is also a powerhouse too. I think Werner sleeps okay at night. For the record, I’m not sure any player is worth $365 million for 12 years. Time will tell. The trade will look a lot better if Alex Verdugo and Jeter Downs turn into studs.