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Red Sox Mount Rushmore

Boston Red Sox Mount Rushmore

Red Sox Mount Rushmore
Who belongs on the Boston Red Sox Mount Rushmore? David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, Manny Ramirez, and Pedro Martinez make the cut.

Boston Red Sox Mount Rushmore

Okay, the picture is a dead giveaway to who I selected. Don’t be crying about the old heads I left off the list. I wasn’t alive to see Ted Williams. He also wasn’t apart of any championship teams. The Red Sox were cursed for a long time and luckily I wasn’t around for many of those rough years. I picked players who were influential in changing the culture and perception of the Red Sox. Winners and historically great players.

Honorable mention: Xander Bogaerts

Bogaerts is the best shortstop in baseball. When it’s all said and done, he has a chance to be on this list. He’s one of the rare shortstops in the game with power and great contact. He’s also a two time WS champ and the current face of the franchise. Bogaerts is still only 27 so he has more time to write his story.

Curt Schilling almost made the cut because of the bloody sock. It didn’t feel right though because he didn’t pitch for the Red Sox long enough.

Let’s get to the players who actually made the cut.

Red Sox Mount Rushmore

Duh… Big Papi. David Ortiz will forever go down as the Boston’s best cult hero. The 2004 comeback tour can never be topped. Night after night, Ortiz made Red Sox fans everywhere believe. Ortiz’s best year might actually be 2013. The marathon bombing that year, Ortiz carried a bad team to a championship. Ortiz changed the perception of Boston. They were clutch and Ortiz embodied that. His 2013 run batting .688 with an OPS of 1.948 might never be topped. It’s the greatest world series run from a hitter I’ve ever seen.

Dustin Pedroia embodies Boston. Tough blue collar city that doesn’t shy around from adversity. If anybody represents Boston, it’s Pedroia. Pedey was overlooked his whole life as a tiny infielder. To make up for it, Pedroia hopped before every pitched. He turned himself into a multiple gold glove winner, 2008 AL MVP, and 3 time world series champion. Pedroia is the best second baseman in team history.

Manny being Manny. He brought the swagger the Red Sox needed and helped turn David Ortiz into David Ortiz. Beloved for his goofy antics and world class hitting ability. The Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz middle of the order punch is the best duo I’ve ever seen. Year after year, chalk up 40 plus homers for each of them torching pitching staffs for years. Arguably the best and smartest pure hitter of my life.

Pedro Martinez was my hero growing up. I wanted to be just like him. His circle change up is still the greatest change up every thrown by a pitcher. Pedro mastered the art of pitching. He still mentors pitchers today. Martinez was never appreciated for the mind he has. The most dominant pitcher of my lifetime. Pedro was really the one who started the Red Sox dynasty. The “call the Yankees my daddy” line is what sparked this run for the Red Sox. There was nothing to lose. It sparked a run of greatness.

Those are my picks that belong on the Boston Red Sox Mount Rushmore. Who belongs on your list?


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