Red Sox
If and when the season resumes, who are the top trade chips for the Red Sox? 2020 was a lost season anyway for Boston so not much changes. (Elsa/Getty Images)

If and when the 2020 baseball season gets started, the Red Sox will be looking to dump more of their players. All eyes are focused on the 2021 season for Boston. This coronavirus is almost a blessing for the Sox because the 2020 season was a lost cause anyway. Mookie Betts got traded, Alex Cora fired, and Chris Sale Tommy John surgery. This was a team that was focused on 2021 anyway.

Having said that, when the season resumes, Boston will be looking to shed more players. Let’s get this off the table. The only established players that aren’t going anywhere are Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts. Who could Boston potentially trade once the season resumes?

*in order based on willingness to trade.

JD Martinez

Now that the NL will adopt the DH for the 2020 season, Martinez becomes much more moveable. Especially considering the fact that most NL teams didn’t prepare for this in the offseason. Boston would love to get out of this contract despite the fact that he’s still performing great.

Moving Martinez would really make a dent. JD holds a $19.375 million salary for the 2021 and 2022 season. Martinez will play in his age 32 season. Getting out of the deal would really allow Boston to clear money and re-sign Mookie Betts for next year. This is the most important storyline for Boston if there is a season. If they move Martinez, now we’re talking about serious flexibility.

Brandon Workman

Brandon Workman is in the final year of his contract. He’s coming off a season with a 1.88 ERA in 73 outings. That’s big time stuff. Walks are still a bit of an issue but all Workman did was get the job done. If he shows that kind of ability in 2020, Workman becomes a valuable rental. One that teams should be willing to pay for.

Jackie Bradley Jr

Because JBJ is making $11 million in 2020, teams might not bite at that price tag. He’s also a free agent after this season. The defense is elite all the time. If his bat gets hot, somebody could jump on it. Worse case, he’s a really nice defensive replacement for a contender.

Matt Barnes

The 3.78 ERA for Matt Barnes isn’t sexy but he gets hitters to miss constantly. A 15.4 K per 9 rate is no joke. Boston still owns his rights in 2021 so there’s no need to sell short here. Relievers always go at the deadline. If Barnes puts it together, this is a valuable commodity.

Eduardo Rodriguez

This is the X-Factor. Eduardo Rodriguez has turned himself into a premier starter. Rodriguez is in the prime of his career with 2 years of control. E-Rod had an ERA of 2.78 in the second half of the season. His stuff has always been nasty from the left side.

I put it as unlikely because I think the Red Sox would have to be blown away to sell him. Rodriguez can be a building block going forward where the others have a limited shelf life. Eddie keeps getting better and better. I think you will need to dump a truck of assets to get this one done.

*veterans that could serve as deadline deals if they’re having good years: Mitch Moreland, Martin Perez, Colin McHugh, Nathan Eovaldi, Kevin Pillar, Heath Hembree, Ryan Brasier, Jose Peraza,