Real Madrid Probable League Titles
Real Madrid are most likely the winners of La Liga this season. Photo by AFP Photo/ Jorge Guerrero.

Unless Barcelona FC can turn around, they will lose the La Liga Santander title this season. If Real Madrid can obtain two points over the next two fixtures, they are the probable league winners.

Real Madrid won against Granada on Monday night 2-1. This pushed the lead on Barca to four points. Real Madrid sits at 83 points, while Barca is at 79 points. Atletico Madrid is far behind with 66 points. Sevilla has the same amount of points but sits in fourth because of the goal differential.

If Real Madrid can beat Leganes on Sunday, it will push them to the title. Barca still has a chance to win, but have to turn their season around. They would have to win against Osasuna and Alaves. This may become a tougher challenge with Antoine Griezmann’s recent injury.

Barca’s defense has had a problem this season. Their defense has played higher than they should, which has caused many unnecessary goals against them. There has been a disconnect in the front as well. They have had a hard time scoring this season.

If Real Madrid can continue their hard work for the next two fixtures, they will win the title this season. That would give them their 34th league title and welcome incoming transfers.