Andy Reid
Ranking the Chiefs I’m the happiest for that will get Super Bowl rings. Andy Reid has to top the list. (David J. Phillip / Associated Press)

Okay, maybe this is a cheesy article or headline, but I love championships. It makes me happy when I get to see people who have worked so hard get rewarded for greatness. The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl 54, 31-20 in what was a great game. There are so many people on that Chiefs team that deserve this one. Let’s rank them.

1: Andy Reid

Big red has to top the list. Andy Reid is the greatest offensive coach of my lifetime. He took the Eagles to 4 straight NFC titles games with mostly garbage quarterbacks. Donovan McNabb wasn’t any good. Reid made AJ Feeley look functional. He took Mike Vick straight out of jail and had him posting career highs. Andy Reid has never had an elite quarterback talent but got so close to capping it off so many times.

Andy is the best offensive coach of my lifetime. Nobody revolutionized the screen game more than him. Nobody has been better with quarterbacks. His work with Patrick Mahomes turning this lump of clay into a masterpiece deserves all the praise in the world. How many coaches would have sat Mahomes for a whole year? He did it because it was best for him. This one is for Andy.

2: Terrell Suggs

I don’t have to say much else. This is too perfect. I’m happy for my guy T-Sizzle.

3: Brett Veach

Veach is the guy responsible for drafting Patrick Mahomes. He called him the best football player he ever watched. He went all in on Patrick Mahomes trading up to go get him. Veach also put Mahomes in the best position to succeed building a team full of weapons and giving him Andy Reid.

4: Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes is officially the face of the NFL. He’s so good, he beat the Madden curse. Having this supporting cast and coaching staff helps, but there is no denying the talent. I’m not sure we have ever seen an arm talent like this. Probably won’t be his last championship.

5: Travis Kelce

I’m happy for Travis Kelce. Now both Kelce brothers have championships. For a long time, Kelce was the most disrespected tight end in the sport. He was every bit as good as Gronk and now he’s overshadowed by George Kittle. It’s hard not to watch Kelce and not like him on and off the field.

6: Tyrann Mathieu

The honey badger got one! He should have won the Heisman in 2011. Mathieu was one of the best college football players I’ve ever seen. I remember being in college talking to Chad not understanding why he kept falling in the draft. I remember it like it was yesterday, I was in one of my college dance classes freaking out that I was missing the draft. When Chad told me the Ravens drafted Matt Elam instead I wanted to punch somebody.

He fell all because of BS weed. It wouldn’t happen today. The honey badger has been a fantastic player and model citizen in the NFL. Couldn’t be happier for him.

7: Chris Jones

On the defensive side of the ball, the Chris Jones pick was the best one by Kansas City on this championship team. Jones was a second round pick out of Mississippi State in 2016. He’s their most important piece up front. When Jones was hurt, they couldn’t stop the run to save their lives. Jones, immediately cleaned that up. He deserves praise here. Derrick Henry or the Shanamagic run game didn’t kill Kansas City like it would have if Jones didn’t play.

8: LeSean McCoy

Shady gets to cap off his career as a champion. McCoy had so many great years with Andy Reid in Philadelphia. In 6 years with the Eagles, he averaged 4.6 yards per carry. He was also deadly in the screen game. Shady was run out of town when Chip Kelly took over. Shady gets the last laugh with his former boss.