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Tua Tagovailoa
(Butch Dill/USA TODAY Sports)

Ranking The Best Tua Tagovailoa Draft Destinations

Tua Tagovailoa
Ranking the best Tua Tagovailoa draft destinations (Butch Dill/USA TODAY Sports)

We know the story by now with Tua Tagovailoa. The Alabama quarterback has a hip injury. He is going to slide in the draft (even though he shouldn’t). It’s just a matter of how far he will fall. What’s better than ranking his potential landing spots? Tua’s draft range seems to be all over the map, so let’s rank the best landing spots. Which team would create the best scenario for Tua Tagovailoa?

5: Miami Dolphins

This one isn’t so fun, but it’s probably what will happen. Miami has a place holder with Ryan Fitzpatrick if they want to go that route. This roster also needs a huge overhaul. It’s probably the worst roster in the NFL. The good news is Brian Flores looks like he knows what he’s doing. Let’s hope Chris Grier does too.

4: Los Angeles Chargers

This comes with a caveat. If the Chargers don’t fire Anthony Lynn, them I’m out. The talent on this team is real, they have no head coach or no offensive line. If the Chargers fix those two issues, then I’m in. If not, this would be awful.

3: Oakland Raiders

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Jon Gruden have his long term guy? Derek Carr is fine. Tua Tagovailoa would represent a potential blue chip quarterback. You can’t pass on that. Oakland can get out of the Carr deal and cash in on a trade there.

2: Dallas Cowboys

God, how great would this be? Franchise Dak, sell him off to the highest bidder, snag Tua in the draft, hire Lincoln Riley. Dallas wins the Super Bowl. This team has everything. The offensive line, running game, prolific receivers, and stars on defense. They need a blue chip head coach and blue chip quarterback. Get it done, Dallas.

1: Minnesota Vikings

This is the dream scenario for Tua. He walks into a team with a real defense, loaded roster, and Mike Zimmer. Dalvin Cook in the backfield, two good tight ends, Stefon Diggs, and Adam Thielen. That would be so much fun. They can get out of the Kirk Cousins contract after next year. He either serves as a placeholder or trade chip (yes they’d have to eat the dead money). You could make the argument for Dallas or Minnesota here. You can’t ask for better landing spots.



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