Amari Cooper
What in the world was Jerry Jones thinking trading for Amari Cooper? (Photo via CSN Bay Area)

Has Jerry Jones lost his mind? Well, yes. I guess we already knew the answer to that. Enter Amari Cooper, a guy that has been locked away in witness protection. Cooper is nowhere to be found. Even when Cooper was open, he led the NFL in drops last year. Does anyone honestly believe Amari Cooper is good? Apparently, Jerry Jones does because the Dallas Cowboys gave away their 2019 first round pick to acquire Cooper.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter was the first to report the news:

Cooper, 24, is a free agent after this season if the Cowboys decline his 5th-year option. If Dallas picks up the option, he will earn a top 5 wide receiver paycheck for the season. After that, Cooper will require some sort of extension. Why wouldn’t Dallas just wait until after the season? Cooper’s value would have decreased dramatically because of that option. Oakland already picked up that option worth $13.924 million so I’m guessing Dallas has no issue paying that price tag. I sure as hell would.

Good for the Raiders. You can hate Jon Gruden all you want but the guy has now collected 3 first round picks for two players that wouldn’t have helped him make a Super Bowl push this year anyway. Even with Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper on the roster, this team still stinks. I’m all for a Raiders tank job. More teams should do it. The 2019 NFL Draft is also loaded and 2020 can be the year they finally rid themselves of Derek Carr in the Draft.

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Oakland just landed a first round pick for a guy that has 22 catches in 6 games. Last year he had a catch rate of 50 percent per target. Yikes! Will Dak Prescott turn Cooper into the guy that was a can’t miss prospect out of Alabama? I highly doubt it.