PSG Griezmann's New Home
Barcelona forward, Antoine Griezmann, might make a move to PSG by the end of the season. Photo by Albert Gea/ Reuters.

PSG Griezmann’s New Home

Antoine Griezmann may be looking for a new home. He has had a hard time trying to fit in at Barcelona. Griezmann could follow the same fate as Neymar at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). There have been heavy links to PSG wanting to be Griezmann’s new home.

At Barca, Griezmann has not played as well as predicted. He has also had less playing time than expected.

PSG is looking to fill the position of Edinson Cavani that has left the team. After many years at PSG, Cavani decided to leave. This has left PSG in a scramble to find someone new.

French media has linked PSG to talking to Griezmann. They asked about his opinions and the current situation at Barca. PSG could be trying to take another Barca player like Neymar.

The French transfer window is due to close on Sept. 2. The rest of the leagues have decided to extend the window to the end of Oct. This means that PSG will have to make a large offer for Barca to agree to the deal.

PSG is also trying to hold onto players they already have. In particular, they’re trying to keep Neymar. Last year, Neymar was open about wanting to leave PSG and go back to Barca. The fans also seemed on board of getting rid of Neymar. However, PSG didn’t listen and decided to keep Neymar situated there. They are continuing to do so this year as well.

If Griezmann makes a new home at PSG then it will be interesting to see how he plays with Neymar. It will also be interesting to see if PSG can pull off a good enough offer by the end of their transfer window.