Meunier and Cavani Will Leave
PSG player Cavani will leave soon. He will probably go to Inter, Napoli or Atletico Madrid. Photo by Getty Images.

It was announced that Cavani would be leaving Paris Saint-Germane (PSG) by the end of the season. Thiago Silva and Thomas Meunier will also be leaving PSG. However, it looks like Meunier and Cavani will leave before competing in Champions League.

Both Meunier and Cavani’s contracts expire on June 30. Champions League won’t start until August 8.

The French president banned sports until September. That effectively finished all soccer leagues in France, awarding PSG as the league winner. The only time they’ll get to play this summer is during Champions league, since they’re already onto the quarter-finals.

Meunier is expected to join Borussia Dortmund. Cavani has been linked to Inter, Napoli and Atletico Madrid. Silva will most likely be going back to Milan.

It will be sad to see them leave PSG after their many years there. However, it is exciting to see how they’ll do elsewhere.