Projected MVP winners
Juan Soto is a serious 2021 MVP candidate (David J. Phillip / Associated Press)

Projected MVP Winners For The 2021 MLB Season

It’ll be so nice to have a full season of baseball once again. Fans and spectators of the game can gauge a full-year performance and judge who will play best and be most valuable to their team and the league alike. There will be many players to choose from but here are my projected MVP winners for the American and National Leagues.

American League: Luis Robert

I’m well aware I’m taking a risk here. The man with the name of a fish on a fourth-place team in red and white would be a lot of people’s favorite. However, Chicago White Sox outfielder Luis Robert has so much to prove and OH so much potential. He has all the tools necessary and it’s all about exertion at this point. He is on the precipice of being a superstar. Just putting the pieces together is all that it takes for him. He’s already gone through a slump last September, but it was absolutely vital. There was room for growth and I’m an advocate that every athlete needs to go through a rough patch in order to be even better. This was his version of a Sophomore slump.

On a team with other rising stars like Tim Anderson, they’re managed at the helm by Tony La Russa who has coached many stars in his own right since 1979. He touts Robert as a six-tool player with the added element of an extra gear he involves in his game. I cannot wait to see what this man does on the field, and how he will help his team out for the better. That’s what MVPs do.

Projected stats: .308 batting average, 32 home runs, 116 runs batted in, .986 OPS.

Runner ups: Mike Trout, DJ LeMahieu

National League: Juan Soto

Washington National Outfielder Juan Soto simply cannot do wrong. He is a prodigy and perhaps this generation’s Ted Williams. Pitchers are STILL unable to figure out how to pitch to this guy and his stats prove it. Every year he seems to improve on his hitting technique. In 2019, he batted .282 with 34 home runs and 110 runs batted in. Although it was a pandemic shortened season, Soto batted .351 leading the National League. He also led the majors in on-base percentage and slugging percentage with an OPS of a staggering 1.185. If Soto is able to take all of this and pour it into one season, I could see him doing it this year maybe even going for the triple crown. It hasn’t been done in the NL since Joe Medwick in 1937.

Projected stats: .330 batting average, 38 home runs, 126 runs batted in, 1.035 OPS

Runner ups Mookie Betts, Fernando Tatis Jr.