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Predicting The 2022-2023 NFL Awards Winners

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Predicting The 2022-2023 NFL Awards Winners

We are in a bit of a downtime for the NFL. We just had the NFL draft a few weeks ago, and we now await rookie minicamps, OTAs, and more. I always love looking forward to the future and trying to predict what will happen, so I have gathered 3 other Vendetta writers to help me predict the future 2023 NFL Awards winners for this upcoming NFL season. The awards being predicted are:

  • MVP
  • Offensive Player of the Year
  • Defensive Player of the Year
  • Offensive Rookie of the Year
  • Defensive Rookie of the Year
  • Coach of the Year

Joining me on this roundtable post:

  • Alex Chick (Chickster)
  • Scott Logush
  • Eli Yisrael

Let’s dive right into it! We are starting with COY and working up this list for the 2023 NFL Awards.

*All odds from DraftKings Sportsbook*

Coach of the Year

Alex Chick: Josh McDaniels (+1800)
Easily my most controversial pick, and biased pick of course. You thought I wouldn’t somehow twist this to my Raiders? You must not know me that well. I do think this could be a dark horse pick for COY. Is it a long shot? Probably. Is there a chance? Always. I do think the Raiders will surprise teams this year. Bias aside, teams are underestimating the Raiders for sure. Watch Josh McDaniels put some scare into the league. If the Raiders somehow win the division, watch McDaniels win it.

Scott Logush: Dan Campbell (+2000)

I more just want this to happen. The Lions will be better this year, and hell they’re setting up Jared Goff to succeed! Eyes will be on Detroit and it’s easy to love Dan Campbell.

Eli Yisrael: Zac Taylor (+2000)

Him and Joe Burrow are an unstoppable force and I think they’re on momentum to make another Superbowl.

Garrett Burroughs: Mike McDaniel (+1600)

Listen, the Miami Dolphins have crushed this off-season. Huge free agent signings, massive trade for a premier receiver, and helped protect Tua for this upcoming year. The pieces are in place for this Dolphins team to maybe make some noise this year, at least in their division behind Buffalo. I was tempted to pick Brandon Staley but that division is so wild, who knows who is coming out on top.

Defensive Rookie of the Year

Alex Chick: Kayvon Thibodeaux (+500)

Somehow, someway, the NFL talked themselves out on arguably the best prospect in the draft and let him drop. Now he’s angry and ready to make teams pay. He’s going to be a force for the Giants and become this year’s DROY.

Scott Logush: Aiden Hutchinson (+450)

He’s an edge rusher and currently the best one in the class (for the 2022 season at least). DROY is about who flashes, and sacks flash. Plus, hometown hero is a hell of a storyline and voters love those.

Eli Yisrael: Aiden Hutchinson

He’s already been decorated with impressive awards in his college career and is going onto a team that needs a good defense, I feel like he’ll put his skills to work and win the DROY award for sure.

Garrett Burroughs: Kayvon Thibodeaux

I want to go on record as saying in my heart, that I believe the DROY is going to be Ahmad Gardner. He very well might be the best defensive player in this draft and CBs have shown to ball out early in the NFL. However, the last CB to win the award was 2017 and I don’t think the votes go that way. Thibodeaux, for my money, was the best EDGE rusher in the class and will prove teams wrong who passed on him early.

Offensive Rookie of the Year

Alex Chick: Garrett Wilson (+1000)

Garrett Wilson has the best chance for targets and stats. The Jets suck and will be throwing A LOT. With no clear WR1 in New York, I think Garrett Wilson might be the guy for the Jets. Put him at OROY for me.

Scott Logush: Kenny Pickett (+500)

It’s a quarterback’s award to lose, and I don’t love the fits of any of the early wide receivers. Pickett should beat out Trubisky for the job early in the season, I’d be concerned if he couldn’t.

Eli Yisrael: Malik Willis (+2000)

 Because his college career was extremely impressive keeping a high QB rating consistently excluding one year before his transfer. He’s also going to be playing on last year’s #1 seed with some high-caliber receivers to back him up.

Garrett Burroughs: Christian Watson (+800)

Going into the draft, some thought of Christian Watson as a first-round prospect. While he did slide into the early part of the second round, the team he landed with couldn’t be more perfect. I think Watson has the highest ceiling for rookie receivers for this season based on the QBs they will play with and the receivers’ skillset. I may not be sold on Watson just yet, but Aaron Rodgers is sure to get the best out of him in year 1.

Defensive Player of the Year

The entire group picks Aaron Donald to win the Defensive Player of the Year award.

Offensive Player of the Year

Alex Chick: Derrick Henry (+1000)

I don’t think we realize how good Derrick Henry was last year, he missed HALF THE YEAR and was top 10 in rushing. Not only that, he almost had 1,000 yards. That’s almost unheard of. If Henry is healthy, he should be the OPOY cause he’s about to shit on the league.

Scott Logush: Jonathan Taylor (+850)

That Indy offense will run through him, and offensive player of the year is one where value doesn’t matter. Taylor will score plenty, and voters will vote for him.

Eli Yisrael: Cooper Kupp (+800)

He had an awesome season last year and I think he’ll do the same this coming season.

Garrett Burroughs: Justin Herbert (+2000)

This was my toughest pick for these 2023 NFL Awards predictions. I LOVE Derrick Henry. Best back in the league and it isn’t close. Jonathan Taylor will explode this year. Cooper Kupp is likely to be in the running. But this off-season was very kind to Justin Herbert and with all the additions this team made on defense, this should mean the Chargers’ offense is on the field more. And more Justin Herbert is good for everyone. Over 5,000 yards last season with 38 TDs was incredible, and I think he could surpass both those numbers this season.

Most Valuable Player

Alex Chick: Josh Allen (+700)

It’s the Bills’ time, and it’s also Josh Allen’s time. I really feel good about the Bills, I had the Bills and the Rams in the Super Bowl last year and I do think if the Bills don’t get beat somehow in 13 seconds, they go to the Super Bowl. Count me in on Josh Allen winning MVP and Bills to the Super Bowl at least.

Scott Logush: Joe Burrow (+1200)

Joe Burrow is here to stay, fear him. The Bengals did a solid job fixing the offensive line, and his chemistry with Chase and the other receiving weapons on Cincinnati is only going to improve. He’s an elite quarterback, there’s no other way around it.

Eli Yisrael: Aaron Rodgers (+1000)

He’s been playing the best football of his career the last 3 years under coaching from LaFleur.

Garrett Burroughs: Josh Allen

I have gone back and forth a few times on this. On the one hand, I believe there is a case to be made for Russel Wilson in Denver. Finally has an offensive line. Finally has a cast of weapons. Finally has an offensive Head Coach. My fear is that getting into this new system there will be some growing pains. While Josh Allen is past the growing pains and is ready to take the AFC by storm. The Bills might be the best team in the AFC and they go as Allen goes.

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