Deion Sanders
It was a big day for Barstool as the company announced the addition of Deion Sanders. As details trickle in, Big Cat and Dave Portnoy spoke about the hire. (Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Sirius XM)

It was a big day today for Barstool Sports as the company announced the recent hire of Deion Sanders. As more details emerge from the original news story, we have an idea of how Sanders will contribute to the brand.

Big Cat and Dave Portnoy both spoke about the new Prime Time hire.

Big Cat had him on Pardon My Take and then briefly broke things down again on The Yak.

Big Cat says some really important things. Going to Barstool gives Sanders a lot more freedom. Being on TV kind of sucks if you think about it. You have 15-30 seconds to get your point across. That’s just not enough. Especially for someone like Deion Sanders who always has excellent points.

I’ve said this before during my Combine breakdowns. I don’t care what the on field analysts say. When it comes to Deion Sanders, I include everything I say. Not just because he’s the best cornerback of all-time. Sanders would have thrived in the NFL just based on his pure athleticism. It’s the way he understands movement skills and technique that made his the best ever. It’s all about knee bend and hip flexibility. Sanders is the best at understanding what technique needs to look like.

At Barstool, Prime will host a podcast called “21st and Prime,” and will make a ton of in season appearances on Pardon My Take. The companies founder, Dave Portnoy, also had this to say on the hire.

VIA Forbes:

In an email, Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy said he expects Sanders to thrive at the company. “Deion is the ultimate entertainer joining the ultimate entertainment website,” he wrote. “He doesn’t care what people think about him. He just cares about putting asses in seats and nobody does it better than him.”

Personally, I think this hire is going to work. We sort of know as sports fans when something will work and not work. No offense to Mike Greenberg. He’s fine but nobody cares about him. He’s boring and brings no good points to the table. It’s why Get Up’s view numbers have tanked and they keep experimenting with side guests. ESPN can’t find a home for Mike Golic. There’s a reason why. He’s not good at what he does. Deion is good at what he does because he’s knowledgeable and doesn’t give two shits what you think.