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2021 NFL Mock Draft Simulator
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Pittsburgh Steelers 2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator

Pittsburgh Steelers 2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator

Do the Pittsburgh Steelers need an overhaul? Welcome in to another episode of the 2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator series. If you missed the last episode on the Jacksonville Jaguars, check that out here!

This is a wasted season for the Steelers. May as well rip your season tickets up right now. The Bengals have Joe Burrow. The Browns have Deshaun Watson. You have Mitch Trubisky… Season over. Pack up and go home.

My strategy is simple here. We don’t have a quarterback and must do everything in our power to go get one. I’m not taking any of the guys in this class in the first round. Not doing it. Ideally, we want Bryce Young or something close to him.

We’re in a bit of a tough spot. The roster is strong overall but we’re not winning important games with Trubisky. Limited draft capital as well. Kevin Colbert doesn’t believe in trading down for some reason. I don’t think a super elite player will be there at pick 20. We also have to put guys like Cam Heyward on the trade block to acquire extra picks for the future.

Make sure to leave those letter grades in the YouTube comments. What do you think of the draft I put together with the Steelers? A, B, C, D, F? Whatever. Make sure to comment. I will not do another one of these videos unless this one hits the view threshold I want.


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