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The Pick Em Challenge is here again for another week, and this time we have a new participant. None other than Alex Chick himself joins the challenge and walks in 1st place. Last week was a great week for me as I went 11-5, Adam had another rough weekend at 6-10, and Chick was 9-7 as it stands right now I am 23-25, Krieger is 20-28, and Chick is 27-21.

Pick Em Challenge Thursday Night Football

Chick: Jacksonville +7.5

Krieger: Cincinatti -7.5

Fontanello: Cincinatti -7.5

Thursday night football is normally a tough game to pick. However, I love what the Bengals have been doing and I’m not in love with what the Jags are doing. A short week road game is a very tough spot for a rookie QB and head coach.

Pick Em Challenge 1:00 PM Games

Chick: Washington -1.5

Krieger: Washington -1.5

Fontanello: Washington -1.5

Washington is going down south to Atlanta. The Falcons defense is suspect and their offense isn’t great either with the line being within two points I like Washington here.

Chick: Detriot +3

Krieger: Detriot +3

Fontanello: Detriot +3

The knee-biting Lions have had the worst luck possible this season. However, nobody is as dysfunctional as this Chicago offense. I don’t trust the Bears to run away with this game and this may be the Lions’ first win of the season here.

Chick: Tennassee -7

Krieger: Tennassee -7

Fontanello: Tennassee -7

The Titans play the Jets and New York is in no way ready to put up a fight in this game. It’ll get ugly once Derrick Henry wears down the Jets front. Don’t even think about taking the Jets.

Chick: Cleveland -2

Krieger: Cleveland -2

Fontanello: Cleveland -2

Why the Browns are only favored by two-point I have no idea. Nevertheless, there is one thing I do know the Vikings are not good, and just because they beat a bad Seahawks team doesn’t mean they’ll beat the Browns.

Chick: Indinanapolis +1.5

Krieger: Miami -1.5

Fontanello: Miami -1.5

The Colts are looking for their first win, but I got to be honest they don’t look very good. I know Miami has a ton of trouble of its own going on, but I liked the Dolphins last week and I like them again.

Chick: Carolina +4.5

Krieger: Carolina +4.5

Fontanello: Carolina +4.5

The Panthers have the number one ranked defense in the NFL right now and I’m still not sold on Dallas. I like how the Panthers have been playing and even down CMC I feel good about a good defense getting points.

Chick: New Orleans -7.5

Krieger: New York Giants +7.5

Fontanello: New York Giants +7.5

The Giants suck but that doesn’t mean they won’t make you think they’ll win the game only to lose at the buzzer. I’ll take the points going up against a very Jeckle and Hyde New Orleans team.

Chick: Kansas City -7

Krieger: Kansas City -7

Fontanello: Kansas City -7

The Chiefs never ever cover, but who’s taking them again yeah that’s right we are. There’s just no way they lose three straight and they just have to beat the Eagles by more than a touchdown.

Chick: Buffalo -15.5

Krieger: Houston +15.5

Fontanello: Buffalo -15.5

I usually hate spreads this big but when you’re playing as good as the Bills are why not take them. Houston shows a lot of heart. However, heart doesn’t do much against this team, take the Bills here.

Pick Em Challenge 4:25 PM Games

Chick: Arizona +4.5

Krieger: Arizona +4.5

Fontanello: Los Angeles Rams -4.5

This will be a great game in LA between the Rams and the Cardinals. The Rams are for real and so are the Cards, but I don’t think the Cards are just quite ready for this matchup.

Chick: San Francisco -3

Krieger: San Francisco -3

Fontanello: San Francisco -3

Fade the Seahawks all year. I’m so tired of betting on them, they are frauds. Take the Niners and don’t look back on this one.

Chick: Baltimore +1

Krieger: Baltimore +1

Fontanello: Baltimore +1

The Ravens got saved by some bad officiating and Justin Tucker. Those are the games you feel good about though when you did everything possible to lose and you still win. Going up against the Broncos I’ll take the one-point cushion.

Chick: Green Bay -6.5

Krieger: Green Bay -6.5

Fontanello: Green Bay -6.5

Aaron Rodgers is still a bad man. Last week was an all-time game-winner by Rodgers and they are back on track. The Steelers on the other hand look lost and I don’t know how they compete in this game.

Sunday Night Football

Chick: Tampa Bay -7

Krieger: Tampa Bay -7

Fontanello: Tampa Bay -7

The most anticipated game so far this year. Tom Brady going back to New England to face his old team with whom he won six Super Bowls. Brady is going to have the Bucs ready after last week and the Patriots just aren’t good right now.

Monday Night Football

Chick: Las Vegas +3

Krieger: Las Vegas +3

Fontanello: Las Vegas +3

The Raiders are good?! Yeah I can’t believe it either, but they really are good. Leading the AFC West and Derek Carr playing at an MVP level. I think the Raiders not only cover but win outright and go 4-0.

It’ll be another great weekend folks, I promise. Lock those lines in and let’s ride.



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