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Phoenix Suns

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Phoenix Suns: Are They For Real?

Phoenix Suns
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

One of the most surprising topics so far in the NBA season is how surprisingly well the Phoenix Suns are playing. At least, to the rest of the NBA, this was surprising. Ask any Suns fan, and they swear they knew it was going to happen. So far, we are 10% into the season and the Phoenix Suns are 5-3. They’re already well on their way to shattering their last year’s record of 19-63. One has to ask: Are the Suns for real? And, what the hell happened to them?

Before the season, here at Vendetta, we did a team preview of every NBA team that included key additions and predictions for the team. The Suns added Aron Baynes, Cheick Diallo, Ty Jerome, Cameron Johnson, Frank Kaminsky, Ricky Rubio, and Dario Saric this offseason. Only 4 of those names are actually relevant. Ricky Rubio is playing like a new man, Kaminsky is actually producing, Dario Saric is a relevant player now, and last but not least, Aron Baynes has initiated his Aron Baynes effect. If you have no idea what I am talking about with Aron Baynes, it’s a Twitter thing. Anyway, even with all these players actually playing well together, there has to be a reason for it. These players, plus Devin Booker, just don’t jump out and become 5-3. Which, by the way, their 3 losses? To the Nuggets, Jazz, and Heat, all top tier teams. They only lost to Nuggets and the Jazz by 1 point each. There has to be a reason for this madness. That reason is Monty Williams.

Monty Williams was with the 76ers last year as an assistant coach. As the 76ers played quite well last year, it only makes sense that an assistant coach from that team would be a viable option for a Head Coach. Monty Williams was one of the more sought names for Head Coach in the offseason. The teams with the most interest were the Lakers and the Suns. This isn’t Monty Williams’ first stint as Head Coach. His last stint was with the New Orleans Pelicans where he went a grueling 173-221 there. But somehow and someway, the Suns are one of the most surprising teams this year. It’s hard for me to say “Yeah this won’t last,” because I don’t even know how they’re winning in the first place. Everything points to a culture change in Phoenix. I won’t go as far as to say that the Suns have a guaranteed playoff spot. But they’ll be fighting for one. We need to start taking the Suns serious because they are, in fact, for real.


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