Carson Wentz
(Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

2020 has been a brutal year for Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles. They lost to the Washington Football Team and tied with the Cincinnati Bengals. The only good thing is that they play in the NFC East, possibly the worst football division.

Last year, it was clear that Carson Wentz was hands down the best quarterback in that division. This year, not so much, as Wentz’s ability to make accurate throws has gone by the wayside. Despite the arm issues, Carson Wentz proved that he’s still able to win games for the Philadelphia Eagles, but he needs to use his legs.

The idea that Carson Wentz needs to play safe to avoid injuries should see itself out the door. Last night, Wentz showed fans that he is still a threat as a runner, rushing for 37 yards and a touchdown on seven attempts (5.3 average).

His arm is busted, so it’s time for him to revert to his legs.

Yes, using his legs is how he tore his ACL in 2017, but now it seems that using his legs is the only way he’ll help the Eagles instead of hurting them. Wentz has already thrown seven interceptions this year. That matches his total from the entire 2019 season. Wentz has put it together on the ground, running for three touchdowns already in 2020 matching his rushing touchdown total from 2016-2019.

It’s hard not to love Wentz. Fans last year saw the North Dakota State product lead an Eagles team comprised mostly of practice squad players, to the playoffs. That same Wentz peaked through in last night’s win versus the 49ers.

Why? Because Wentz relied on his ability to run when the pocket collapsed. If the legs are here to stay, so are the Eagles.

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