Manning starts production company
(Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Peyton Manning starts a media company, kicking off his post-NFL career. This time off the field but still in the sports world. Manning is creating a production company according to the New York Post called Omaha Productions.

“Manning has started Omaha Productions, Initially be is building off the sceess of his ESPN+/NFL Films program “Peytons Places.” He will continue doing another year of the NFL film-breakdown show “Detail” for ESPN+

And he is becoming a game show host. He will have executive producer credits all around”

Andrew Marchand – New York Post

This is not really all that surprising because of the media boom that has taken place over the last fifteen plus years. I thought he would continue to do a show with ESPN and expand within their umbrella, but I guess Manning wants a bigger cut of the check than what ESPN was offering. Peyton has always been good on TV, he is well-spoken and has insight that many others do not as he was a great quarterback in the NFL.

A game show though? I am not sure what that is all about and I am curious to see what it turns into. I can see him hosting the first season of some show and then throwing his name as an executive producer for the remainder of the shows life.

According to the same New York Post article, there were other options on the table for Manning.

“Peyton has thought about running a team with an ownership stake and has had high-level discussions with NFL owners about positions, according to sources, but nothing has come of them. For what it is worth, he also, according to sources, has come close to saying yes to a job in an NFL broadcast booth before ultimately saying no.”

I would have loved to hear Manning on a Sunday calling a game. I think he would have been great and we have seen how well other quarterbacks have done in the booth like Tony Romo. It was even rumored he would end up on ESPN in the booth.

Other big names have been attached to this new production company he has.

 He is building on his role as the executive producer of “Peyton’s Places” by overseeing similar shows with retired star athletes. He will team with David (Papi’s Places!) Ortiz on baseball, Ronda Rousey on MMA, Abby Wambach on soccer and his brother Eli on college football.

Eli is the most questionable name on this list as he does not give off “I am good on TV” vibes, but Papi’s Place is something I am excited to learn more about. Ortiz is raw he has been great on postseason coverage for FOX so this is something to be on the lookout for.

TL//DR: Peyton Manning starts a media company called “Omaha Productions”