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Off The Ice – Training Camp, Injuries, and Unsigned Superstars

There is just over a week until the National Hockey League is in full swing, and training camps are officially underway today. With injuries, unsigned superstars, and trade request rumors, the NHL is a busy place to be. 

I hope they all have the same physical therapist: 

In Dallas, Tyler Seguin has recently had surgery on a labral tear in his hip. He’s projected to back on the ice mid-season but we’re unsure as to whether or not he’ll play at all. The Stars number one goalie has also recently had surgery on a torn meniscus. He is out until at least April and will more than likely not see any game time. 

The Blackhawks should probably just take this season off. Try again next year. Long time captain Jonathan Toews announced on December 29th that he is out indefinitely to focus on his heath. He’s been experiencing fatigue and feeling lethargic this offseason and decided to sit out for a cool minute. 2019 draft pick Kirby Dach broke his wrist representing Team Canada at the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in Edmonton a couple of weeks ago. He underwent successful surgery to fix the fracture. (Fractured my Aunt Petunia. Did you see that picture? Snapped.) He will more than likely be back to hockey-related activities by April but won’t see any game time this season. If I talk about it anymore I’ll cry. Alex Nylander has also had a torn meniscus repaired and is recovering well. 

Nikita Kucherov of the Bolts had hip surgery as well. He’ll miss the whole season in recovery but Tampas captain, Steve Stamkos is expected to be back for opening night, January 13th against Chicago. 

I’m going to Long Island to kick in the door of Lou Lamoriello: 

The New York Islanders released their official training camp roster this morning. The second name down the list of forwards is Mathew Barzal. Isles fans, (Me. I’m referring to myself) are anxiously waiting for a contract extension. In a press release on Friday, Lou stated negotiations were still in the works but Barzal was on the Island in quarantine. On Media Day, several of his teammates said they were excited to play with him again and they have no doubt he’ll be in camp as soon as possible. If Anthony Beauvillier pulls a stunt like this next offseason, Trey might have to bail me out of jail. 

Has anyone checked on Pierre-Luc Dubois? Is he okay? 

On December 31st, Pierre-Luc Dubois signed a 2 year $10 million extension with the Columbus Blue Jackets. However, rumor has it he will be requesting a trade out of Columbus later in the season. From what I understand, it’s not a disagreement with management or coaching but Dubois just wants out. Which is fair. I wouldn’t want to live in Ohio either. 

National Hockey League Commissioner, Gary Bettman and general managers everywhere definitely have their work cut out for them in the coming months.

Opening Night Schedule: 

January 13, 2020 

 Penguins @ Flyers   5:30 pm EST 

Canadians @ Maple Leafs  7:00 pm EST 

Blackhawks @ Lighting   8:00 pm EST 

Canucks @ Oilers  10:00 pm EST 

Blues @ Avalanche   10:30 pm EST


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