Off The Ice
Off The Ice

Off The Ice- The Countdown to the 2021 Season Continues

January 4th-January 11th

Every week, I label these as something new in my Google Drive. That’s going to become an issue here pretty quickly. Anyway, we have a lot to cover this week. Colin Wilson and Corey Crawford retired. Joe Thornton is on the same line as Matthews and Marner. Lou Lamoriello and Mat Barzal still don’t understand that this is my world and they’re just living in it. Nolan Patrick made the training camp roster. And Tony Deangelo quit social media because he’s afraid of a few teenagers bullying him for being a Trump supporter. It’s been a busy week on and Off The Ice.

The Oldies 

Colin Wilson played on the Avs forward line for 11 seasons. He was a fantastic player and personality to have in the community. It will be sad to see him go but after double hip surgery, he decided his time on the ice has come to an end. 

Corey Crawford has been the goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks since 2003 when they drafted him. He was recently traded to New Jersey in this off-season and is not…living his best life…as the kids say. Most people suspected it would be a tough transition, but I don’t think anyone anticipated a retirement announcement so soon. Crawford had an amazing career and I hope he has an amazing retirement as well. 

I’m sorry…what? 

Joe Thornton on the same line as Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews? I know this is borderline old information but I’m going to touch on it anyway. Matthews and Marner still have incredible careers ahead of them. Marner was selected 4th overall in 2015 and Matthews was selected first in 2016. Thornton was selected first overall…the year Matthews and Marner were born…1997. He was definitely a first-line player at the height of his career. However, that’s not now. I think this is a terrible decision by the Leafs and I doubt it’ll last very long at all. 

Mathew “wait til the last minute” Barzal 

I was in the middle of outlining this week’s news and events when there was a ruckus on the New York Islanders twitter. Four days before the start of the regular season, Mathew Barzal, his agent, and Lou Lamoriello came to a 3-year contract extension agreement. On Friday after their morning scrimmage, Mat spoke with the media.
“I clearly love being on the Island and I’m excited for another 3-years” 

We’re glad you love it, my guy, but if you could please never pull another stunt like that ever again that would be absolutely wonderful. Thank you. 

In the black and orange 

The Nolan Patrick Revenge Tour is becoming a blissful reality for Flyers fans. He made the training camp roster this last week and has been doing really well. He missed last season due to an ongoing battle with a migraine disorder. But Patty’s back and better than ever. After over 650 days since his last NHL game, Patrick says he’s ready to play in the Flyers opener against the Penguins on Wednesday. 

“Lot of fun being back out there…I feel really good and I’ll be ready for Wednesday.” 

The Uncle Tony that no one likes or claims as their uncle 

Tony Deangelo announced Friday that he would be stepping away from social media indefinitely. After being an open and proud Trump supporter, I don’t blame him after the recent attacks on the United States Capitol. I’d be afraid of a few teenagers cyberbullying me too. We’re absolutely brutal.