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Overtime Rules
(Chris Tanouye/Getty Images)

The NHL Has The Best Overtime Rules

Overtime Rules
The NHL has the best overtime rules of any sport. The 3 on 3 and shootout are electric. The NHL got their overtime rules right. (Chris Tanouye/Getty Images)

The NHL Has The Best Overtime Rules

There is a lot of controversy around NFL circles because of the way the Bill and Chiefs playoff game ended. Should the NFL change its overtime rules? Who cares! Can we first take a moment to celebrate the NHL’s overtime rules because they rock! There is no sport that has better post-regulation rules than the NHL.

I get why it’s not implemented in the postseason (although maybe consider it) but the 3 on 3 overtime rocks. It should probably be its own sport. The 3 on 3 creates epic breakaways that forces that goalie to make a great save. If the save occurs, odds are a breakaway is coming for the other team.

It’s a constant up and down style. No time for bad offenses trying to just get their defense in order. If you don’t have it together in the OT, the lights go out real quick. You get those moments where a guy is stuck on the ice WAY too long. You get those moments where goalies make highlight reel saves. You get those moments where forwards have a one v one chance on the goalie to score an incredible goal.

The OT in hockey is always electric. In fact, it’s so electric that I’m always checking the scores of games. If I see one headed to OT, we’re turning that game on immediately.

Of course, sometimes we make it through the full five minutes without a goal. The shootout is just as electric. Which shouldn’t be surprising because high leverage penalty kicks in soccer also always makes the blood pumping. mano e mano. Forward v goalie. No help on either side. Just watch the talent flash. Watching the talent that some of these goal scorers have never gets old.

The NHL isn’t perfect. It’s got its own laundry list of issues. However, credit where credit is due. The NHL overtime rules rock and helps make the game more exciting. Even if you’re not a hockey fan, do yourself a favor and watch an overtime. It’s hard not to love it if you’re a sports fan.


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