NFL Head Coach 09: Baltimore Ravens Episode 1

Your boy is finally a streamer! I have finally figured out how to streams PS3 games and my life feels complete. Jackson Law has an NFL Head Coach 09 series on the YouTube channel, but his series made me furious. I’ve never been more mad in my life watching him do roster moves on there. Soooo it’s Trey’s turn.

We’re taking over my Baltimore Ravens and it’s a perfect starting point for the team. In real life, this is the year the Ravens hire John Harbaugh. Instead, they’re hiring Trey Daubert to run the franchise. It’s going to be the best decision this team ever made. We’re ready to lead the Ravens to a championship.

A few notes before I get started here. I’m not doing any edits in this game. It takes way too damn long to go through the offseason. I’m not chopping it up. Nor do I trust any video editor not named Sophie to take care of it. SO, if you want to watch, you’re going to sit there and watching everything through the nitty gritty.

In episode one, we’re going over the first stage of the offseason. Free agency, scouting, and trading. We’re over here making big time moves. Big splashes in free agency! Wheeling and Dealing block buster moves! Scouting like a phen! Trey is on the scene. Get locked and loaded for a great episode.

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