Chase Center
The new Chase Center is making the Warriors A LOT of money. Too bad their team now stinks. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors are opening up a new era of basketball. Life after Kevin Durant is only a small part of the equation. The Warriors also have a new home. The Oracle is no longer and the Warriors now play in the brand spanking new Chase Center. It can only be described as nothing short of an actual palace. Was it really worth leaving the Oracle? OH, HELL YES!

The new Chase Center is making the Warriors A LOT of money:

Tim Kawakami of The Athletic:

“Starting this inaugural Chase season, it’s estimated that the Warriors will take in about $700 million in annual revenue for the foreseeable future.

This about $250-300 million more than the Knicks or Lakers, the next-highest NBA teams, and possibly more than even any NFL team, “except maybe the Cowboys,” one source said… The Warriors are set to take in about $5 million in gate receipts per game, before costs are subtracted from the total.”

The Warriors will make more money than any other American sports franchise other than the Cowboys. That’s incredible. Name any other team you want. The Warriors only fall short to the Dallas Cowboys. Winning a bunch of championships in a row certainly puts any franchise on the map. I never want to hear them cry about the luxury tax ever again. I think this ownership group is doing just fine.

It’s a shame that they will open up this new stadium and the team is a shell of themselves. No Kevin Durant, no Andre Igoudala, and Klay Thompson is hurt. I can’t imagine how much these tickets cost to go watch a team that will miss the playoffs. It’s the Steph Curry show with a bunch of spare parts. They probably have a better chance of getting the 7th pick in the draft than they do getting the 7th seed in the West.