New Jersey Casinos
Guess how much New Jersey casinos made in the month of February… why isn’t every state legalizing gambling (FanDuel Group)

Every state should legalize gambling. We know this. The fact that it isn’t legalized in every state borders on the limits of insanity. Anyone who is against gambling just doesn’t like money or is stupid. New Jersey is proving why gambling should be a priority for every state to legalize. Jersey is making a shit ton of money.

According to the New York Post, New Jersey casinos raked in $241.2 million in the month of February alone:

“The (NJ) casinos took in a total revenue of $241.2 million in February, from both sports betting and regular games. That’s a roughly 25 percent increase over the $192.1 million made in February 2018, before sports wagering and betting on things like the Oscars were made legal across the Hudson.

The 10 retail sports books and 13 online sports-betting platforms in the state took in $12.7 million in revenue in February and paid out about $1.6 million in taxes.

That’s a down-tick from the $18,774,940 earned in January. But experts say a slight dip is always expected in February as there are fewer NFL games to place wagers on.

“February is typically slower than all the preceding months for sports betting, just because there are fewer football games to bet on than in January, if you look at how Nevada has done historically,” explained Dustin Gouker, lead sports betting analyst for, a website dedicated to online gambling news.

Since legal sports betting opened in the state in June 2018, more than $1.6 billion has been made in wagers, with sports books racking in $112 million and the state keeping about $14 million in taxes, according to data compiled by”

$1.6 billion in wagers! If your state representative isn’t pushing to legalize gambling, he should be exiled. I have zero reasons to go to Jersey besides one thing. Gambling. That’s it. The next UFC Fight I feel confident betting on, I may make the trip to Atlantic City for the night. Who knows. All I know is their state is making a ton of money. Hell, even their gas prices are reasonable so you’re saving money just by filling up the car while you’re there.

Now that March Madness is almost here, Imagine how much money Jersey is about to rake in. Who’s in to gamble with me during March Madness?