NCAA Wrestling Finals Live
Roman Bravo-Young after earning an NCAA Wrestling Tournament Finals (via AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)


Welcome to the 2021 NCAA Wrestling Tournament – Vendetta Edition. I am going to be covering the finals live. What that means is if you keep refreshing this page every few seconds, you will get live coverage of the finals actions right here.

133 Pound Final

Daton Fix (#1) vs Roman Bravo-Young (#2):

1st Period: No scoring in the first period, both wrestlers feeling each other out.

2nd Period: Fix starts down and RBY tries to stay there to work on the riding time. RBY rides for the entire second period, still tied 0-0, but RBY has two minutes of riding time.

3rd Period: RBY’s turn to go down, Fix cuts him and gives him a 1-0 lead. RBY gets called for three stalls, giving FIx a 2-1 lead, RBY has the RT locked, making it 2-2, the score into overtime. HERE we go.

OT: Bravo-Young gets the takedown off a re-attack, he is so quick, and scored finally. Penn State gets the first champ of the day.

141 Pound Final

Jaydin Eierman (#1) vs Nick Lee (#2)

1st Period: The first minute starts off slow, Eireman gets in deep but Lee fights it off and we are still scoreless halfway through the first period. Neither wrestler backing up, and both looking to attack, just not able to get through the first layer of defense. Eireman again gets in deep on a double, but Lee fights it off, gets a whizer in, and keeps it scoreless. No points after the first period.

2nd Period: Eireman starts down and gets out to take a 1-0 lead 15 seconds in, back to neutral. Lee goes for an inside trip, but nothing comes of it. Both wrestlers are attacking, just no takedowns to show for it. Final seconds tick off the clock and still 1-0 Eiereman.

3rd Period: Lee chose neutral and immediately got a takedown, takes a 2-1 lead. Lee rides him for about 20 seconds before Eierman gets out, and ties it back up at 2. Lee keeps attacking and Eierman also gets warned for stalling. Eierman gets in deep, Lee wiggles out then attacks on his own, no score left on the clock and back to ovetime we go. 2-2

OT: Lee goes for in inside trip again and this time he hits it! Lee gets the takedown and wins 4-2 in OT. Back to Back Champs for Penn State

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149 Pound Final

Sammy Sasso (#1) vs Austin O’Connor (#2)

1st Period: Start wrestling from space, then go ear to ear about ten seconds in. AOC pulling on Sasso’s head trying to get something going. First two minutes we don’t see any true attempts from either guy. Sasso goes for a half shot and nothing comes of it. 0-0 after 1.

2nd Period: AOC starts down, Sasso hooks the near ankle and is riding on top. Sasso is very solid on top. Sasso looking cradle, but AOC keeping his head away from his knee and they get a fresh start. Sasso already over one minute of riding time before AOC gets an escape and takes a 1-0 lead. Sasso looking for an ankle but nothing to get there. Sasso digging the under hooks in deep and controlling the center. Nothing else and AOC up 1-0 after 2.

3rd Period: Sasso goes down and AOC can’t keep him down for an extra two seconds. Sasso gets out to tie it up and he still has 1:02 of RT. AOC needs to push the pace. AOC gets the takedown ON A MERKLE, takes the riding time under a minute, HUGE swing. Sasso gets out and is now down 1, he needs to attack. SASSO in deep gets the far ankle and looks like he GETS THE TAKEDOWN TO WIN…. BUT NO CALL. Ohio State throws the challenge brick and the officials will review it. CALL IS CONFIRMED… AOC WINS 3-2 with a third-period takedown.

*I think Sasso got a takedown, he had AOC in his butt and trapped the far ankle but they didn’t change their call*

157 Pound Final

Jesse Dellavecchia (#4) vs David Carr (#3)

1st Period: Wrestlers starting from space, looking for an opening to attack. Carr goes for a shot from space and nothing. Another shot from Carr from space and we get a stoppage for blood. Action gets going and they start from the tie-up. Dellavecchia goes for the head and nothing, Dallavecchia gets warned for stalling. Dellavecchia gets a leg and looks to score but Carr fights it off and we finish the period 0-0.

2nd Period: Carr starts on bottom this period and he wants to get out in under a minute. After a fresh start Carr gets out in 38 seconds to take a 1-0 lead. Carr gets a double and finishes it, takes a 3 point lead and gets to work on top. Carr eliminates the riding time advantage, and finishes the second period on top and keeps the lead 3-0 after two periods.

3rd Period: Dellavecchia goes down to start the third, he needs to get back to his feet to have a chance to tie this back up. Carr is able to keep him down, with a bunch of mat returns, and does get warned for stalling. Dellavecchia’s coach throws his challenge brick, looking for a locked hands call, which is a penalty point. Call is confirmed and no locked hands. Carr stays on top and brings his riding time to over a minute. Dellavecchia’s head is on the mat, he is struggling to get back to his feet. Carr keeps him down and he wins 4-0. Then hits the Brent Metcalf flip for a celebration

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165 Pound Final

 Griffith (#8) vs Jake Wentzel (#3) SAVE STANFORD WRESTLING – Stanford is cutting their program after this tournament, fuck them

1st Period: Griffith digging in the under hooks but Wentzel is not backing down. Griffith goes SLIDE BY TO THE MERKLE and scores the first takedown. Wentzel gets out quickly to cut the lead in half, and he goes right back into inside control. Wentzel gets in on a shot, they roll around and then we get a stalemate. The high-action first period ends with Griffith up 2-1.

2nd Period: Wentzel starts down and gets out quickly to tie the match at two. Then Wentzel goes double under hooks and drives Griffith out. Action is slowing down as Wentzel tries to go to the upper body moves. Griffith goes for a half shot and nothing, so we finish this period tied 2-2.

3rd Period: Griffith chooses neutral and wants to win this match on his feet, Wentzel gets warned for stalling on a Griffith shot, Griffith is in deep has Wentzel on his butt and GETS THE TAKEDOWN and takes a 4-2 lead. Griffith is keeping Wentzel down, trying to get the riding time over a minute, and does. Griffith hooks the bottom leg, puts Wentzel on his back, and WINS 6-2. There is a challenge brick throw by Wentzel’s coaches, Call on the mat stands.

Griffith throws on his KEEP STANFORD WRESTLING HOODIE and every fan in the building is chanting SAVE STANFORD

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174 Pound Final

Michael Kemerer (#1) vs Carter Starocci (#3)

1st Period: Alright back to the action after a little intermission, Kemerer is coming out controlling the center, and is heavy on the head. The first minute the guys are circling trying to find an opening. Misdirection shot by Starocci and is in deep looking to finish. In so deep but can’t score and gets a stalemate. No scores after the first.

2nd Period: Starocci starts down and gets out in fifteen seconds, takes a 1-0 lead with 90 seconds left in the second period. No true shots for the remainder of the period, and as I say that Starocci gets in deep again and locks up the cradle… no points as time had expired when he grabbed the far ankle. Still 1-0

3rd Period: Kemerer starts down in the third and needs an escape to tie it up, he gets it 13 seconds into the third. Kemerer hasn’t taken a real shot yet, but hasn’t been warned for stalling. More circling and still no shots, we head to overtime again tied 1-1

OT: Starocci gets a re-attack off and SCORES, takes Kemerer down and Starocci wins 3-1 in OT. Penn State has their third champion of the day

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184 Pound Final

 Aaron Brooks (#1) vs Trent Hidlay (#2)

1st Period: Brooks comes out hot pushing Hidlay around. Brooks is controlling the center of the mat well. Hidlay goes half shot but no true attacks from either guy through two minutes. Hidlay gets warned for stalling as the first period comes to a close. Still 0-0

2nd Period: Brooks starts on bottom, and puts Hidlay to his back and reverses him. Hidlay gets out, but Penn State is challenging looking for back points. Call on the mat confirmed and Brooks is up 2-1 30 seconds into the second period. Brooks still pushing Hidlay around and controlling the center of the mat. Hidlay isn’t doing anything at all honestly and the period ends with the same score.

3rd Period: Hidlay starts on the bottom and gets out, the match is tied 2-2 early in the third period. Brooks still pushing him around, but Hidlay is heavy on the head. Hidlay gets called for staling again, giving Brooks a 3-2 lead. Now Hidlay needs to score. Hidlay gets a shot and is in deep, looks like he almost scored but no call… and another challenge brick is thrown, this time from NC State. The call is confirmed. Hidaly finally pushes the pace, but no prevail and Aaron Brooks wins 3-2. Penn State goes 4-4 in the finals.

197 Pound Final

Ferarri (#4) vs Bonaccorsi (#6)

1st Period: Ferarri comes out in a weird looking stance, wrestling from space, Bonaccorsi goes for an attack and Ferarri hits a re-attack and scores the first takedown. Ferarri working on top, not making anything easy for Bonaccorsi. Bonaccorsi gets out, but not before Ferarri can get over a minute of riding time. Ferarri is controlling the center of the mat and the first period ends 2-1.

2nd Period: Bonaccorsi starts on bottom trailing 2-1 but the riding time is accumulating for Ferarri. More bloodtime. Action is back underway and Ferarri gets called for stalling? Oklahoma State coaches don’t like it. Ferarri is committed to the ride, not letting Bonaccorsi get an escape. Bonaccorsi finally gets out with under 20 seconds left in the first period, the score is 2-2 but a huge riding time advantage for Ferarri.

3rd Period: Ferarri goes down, but Bonaccorsi cuts him loose, Bonaccorsi is looking for a takedown. Ferarri is continuing to attack despite having the lead. Ferarri wins 4-2.

285 Pound Final

Gable Steveson (#1) vs Parris (#2)

1st Period: Gable starts out attacking, pushing Parris around and Parris already gets warned for stalling just 20 seconds in. Steveson gets a takedown on a hard snap down. Parris gets out in ten seconds, and the score is 2-1 after the first period

2nd Period: Steveson is down to start the first period and Parris is tough on top. Gable gets out and takes a 3-1 lead. Parris is hanging pretty tough, and looking to score but no serious attacks yet.

3rd Period: Parris starts on bottom in the third, gets a quick escape but Gable is immediately back in on the attack and gets another takedown. Gable cuts him, and is still looking to score a lot on his feet. Parris gets called for another stall and Steveson is up 6-3. Gable gets another takedown and that is all. Gable wins 8-4.

125 Pound Final

Spencer Lee (#1) vs Brandon Courtney (#3)

1st Period: Here we go, the last match of the night and Lee is looking to get Iowa’s first championship of the tournament. Courtney is not backing down and came out firing. Lee looks whip over but can’t score. Lee is controlling the center of the mat, Lee is in deep, but Courtney scrambles out of bounds and no score two minutes into the match. Now Courtney gets in deep on a shot, but Lee fights it off and still 0-0 after the first period.

2nd Period: Lee starts on the bottom and scores the first point of the match. Lee pushes Courtney out and he gets warned for stalling finally. Courtney is still hanging around the edge of the mat, making it hard for Lee to score, and Lee finally gets a takedown after a shitty shot by Courtney. Courtney gets his third caution giving Lee another point. Lee digs a bar in, goes for a tilt, but only has him there for one second, no points 4-0 end of the second.

3rd Period: Courtney chooses neutral to start the third, and Lee gets another takedown Lee digs his armbar in deep, but a potentially dangerous gives them a fresh start. Lee stays on top and wins the last final of the day 7-0.


TL//DR: NCAA wrestling tournament finals live blog! Keep refreshing for updates