NBA Top Shot
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

What is NBA Top Shot?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin have taken the internet by storm recently and the NBA has found a way to seize that opportunity as well with NBA Top Shot. NBA Top Shot is a completely online-based card collecting marketplace that has exploded onto the scene within the past month.

Created by National Basketball Association, the NBA Players Association, and Dapper Labs they have found a way to reinvent Card collecting. Avid fans of NBA basketball can open three tiers of the pack’s hoping to pull their favorite moments from the most popular players today ranging in rarity and price. The packs are not unlimited and release in limited highly-anticipated drops which creates an incredible demand for some of the most exciting and memorable plays from the NBA season.

How crazy has the NBA Top shot Mania been?

Over the last 30 days according to CryptoSlam, a site dedicated to tracking Cryptocurrencies, Top Shot has generated a staggering $172,137,351.38 in sales across its user-driven marketplace. NBA fans and investors alike are flocking to pull these virtual moment cards in hopes of turning a profit. For some collectors who are lucky enough to pull the rarest and hottest cards on the market, they may make thousands of dollars if they chose to sell.

While Zion Williamson has become overrated in some people’s eyes that hasn’t taken away from any of the hype his name and style of play generates. Currently, on NBA Top Shot he is listed as one of the top-selling cards in the market going for $250,000 to obtain the moment of his first career block. Even NBA players like Josh Hart and C.J Mccollum have begun to get in on the NBA Top Shot mania wanting to learn how to collect their favorite moments of themselves and their teammates.

Spencer Dinwiddie, a player known for his investment in Cryptocurrencies has taken it to another level investing his bonuses into the Top Shot marketplace. NBA Top Shot virtual moment cards are only going to continue growing in size as more and more fans become intrigued by this new concept.