NBA Playoff Prediction
Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

I promise you I won’t give this NBA Playoff Prediction too much attention. It’ll be over before you know it. There are a couple things that I do want to talk about that are BULLSHIT though. It wouldn’t be a post by me if I didn’t give my unwarranted opinion obviously. Nonetheless, let’s get into this lackluster series.

Milwaukee Bucks

First thing I want to talk about is HOW DID GIANNIS ONLY GET A ONE GAME SUSPENSION FOR LITERALLY DOING A MORTAL KOMBAT HEADBUTT TO MO WAGNER?! DOES THAT NOT ALARM ANYONE?! Whatever, I get it, NBA is all about ratings and they can’t have a star like Giannis missing any part of the playoffs. BUT, that is bullshit, any other player and they might get suspended the entire playoffs. Unacceptable. The most bizarre thing is that I see NO outrage from fans. He literally got suspended one game and it got swept under the rug. Could you imagine the outcry if Lebron only got 1 game suspension for doing that?! I’m a Lebron hater and I can see the discrepancy. Even if that did happen, the Bucks still win but this series could easily go to 6 or 7 games. As y’all should know, I am not big on the Bucks at all. They don’t win the Finals this year, much less go to the Finals.

Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic suck. What more do you want me to say? They only have Nikola Vuecivic and Aaron Gordon right now. They suck, it’s not cotroversial, it’s just the truth.


Giannis suspension or not, the Bucks were always going to win this series. The Orlando Magic suck. The Bucks do have a great defense and are at least the 1 seed for a reason. I may not be big on the Bucks, but I would have to be on crack to not pick them here. I’ll go a step further, these games aren’t close. The Bucks win these games by 10 points or more easily. How’s that for a NBA Playoff Prediction?

Bucks in 4. SWEEP.