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NBA All-Star Game
via AP Photo/Matt Slocum

NBA All-Star Game: Snubs Of 2022

via AP Photo/Matt Slocum

NBA All-Star Game snubs of 2022

The NBA All-Star Game has officially been announced. With the announcement, every year there are players that deserve to make the list but fall short. So, I have decided to make a list of players who deserve to make the cut but have ended up as snubs.

First, we have Jarrett Allen. Allen is currently a center for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has spent two seasons with the Cavaliers, and so far has proven to be an asset for the team. This season, no one expected Cleveland to be good, however, they are now 31-21 and fifth in the Eastern Conference. Not too bad coming off of a 22-50 record last season. This season, Allen averages 3.4 offensive rebounds, 7.4 defensive rebounds, for a total average of 10.7 rebounds per game. He also is averaging 16 points per game, which is rather impressive for a more defense-focused player. Allen is a major part of this Cavaliers team, and his absence in the All-Star Game shows that defense rarely gets the love.

Next up, Dejounte Murray. Murray is a guard for the San Antonio Spurs. Murray is in his fifth year in the NBA and is having a rather impressive season. He is averaging 19.6 points per game, 8.5 rebounds, and 9.1 assists. This year is hands down the best season he has had in a few years, putting up statistics that almost equals a triple-double. Why he is not in the All-Star lineup is beyond me.

Moving on, LaMelo Ball. His name is one that we have been hearing pretty often recently. LaMelo is currently playing guard for the Charlotte Hornets. Being a young breakout player, Ball has definitely been living up to the hype around his name. LaMelo is averaging 19.9 points per game, 7.2 rebounds, and 7.7 assists. Again, why is this man not playing in the All-Star Game? Perhaps it is because he needs more time to prove his value. Regardless, so far he has produced, and don’t count him out in the coming years.

Last but not least, is Jrue Holiday. Holiday is a member of the Milwaukee Bucks and plays guard for the team. Holiday was drafted in 2009, needless to say, he is not a new face. Despite that, this year he is putting on a show. This season he is averaging 18 points per game, 4.7 rebounds, and 6.5 assists. Not the rebound production similar to some of the other names here, but still, the points production is nothing to overlook.

It is clear that these players have proven this season that they are deserving to play in the All-Star Game. So why were they not selected? Maybe it has to do with the record of the team they play for, because of that they may go unnoticed. Or maybe it is because, in some instances, they just have not been in the league long enough to establish themselves. Regardless, these players are the ones to watch and should get the recognition they deserve.


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