NBA 2K21
Screenshot from NBA 2K21

NBA 2K has been dominating the basketball videogame market for a long time now. The game is incredibly popular across multiple countries, selling over ten million units in the first month of its release in 2020. Despite the sales and numerous microtransactions in the game, 2K decided to add unskippable ads into the game. All this after asking people to spend $60+.

NBA 2K Has Done This Before

Why is this a terrible decision? Well, they tried to pull this stunt last year, and a widespread backlash met it. They took the ads out, only to then throw them right back into the game a year later. That’s not to mention that the only aspect of the game that’s new is the MyTeam.

MyPlayer, which generates 2K’s biggest community, is essentially a copy and paste of last year’s edition to hold everyone over until next-gen consoles are released.

Just so everyone is clear, the community paid full-price for the same game. And are now being forced to watch ads while playing said game. Even mobile games turn off ads when you pay full price. Fellow writer here at Vendetta Sports, Jackson Law, warned about not buying this effortless garbage that 2K gave us.

MyPlayer Is Essentially Not Finished

It’s not only evil that 2K put little to no work into MyPlayer, but players are tired of playing the same game from last year paying full-price for a copy and paste. Now they threw political and consumer-based ads into the game. Many people, myself included, have gotten on EA for flooding their games with micro-transactions. But I have to watch unskippable ads as well.

2K blatantly told their community they don’t care at all about what we want for the games. 2K should be ashamed of themselves for not only a terrible, inexcusable attempt at a game with most of the features being held out until next-gen but for proving that they are just a money-hungry company. With little to no care for the people that got them to where they are.

The utter lack of respect on 2K’s part is Jamarcus Russell level type stuff. 2K took our money and did absolutely nothing with it. The community just paid them for the same game as last year. It’s time to boycott this company until they listen to the community. Let’s not forget that all your progress and data in this version of 2K21 MyPlayer will not be brought over to nextgen. That’s right; every micro-transaction, every minute of gameplay, will be gone. And the whole community has to make new characters and start all over again.