Monopoly is changing the Community Chest cards. Fans can now vote on some of the changes that will be made to the game.

When it comes to board games, Monopoly is the GOAT. There is no other acceptable answer. I’ll also kick anyone’s ass in Monopoly. That’s a promise, not a threat. I don’t care who you are, Trey will take you down in monopoly.

Times are changing. America’s favorite board game is switching things up. Monopoly is altering the community chest cards and fans can vote on them.


“Fans can now vote on the new set of cards that revolve around topics like shopping at local stores, rescuing an animal, volunteering and donating blood. “We felt like 2021 was the perfect time to give fans the opportunity to show the world what community means to them through voting on new Community Chest Cards,” Nyman said. “We’re really excited to see what new cards get voted in!”

There are numerous themed versions of Monopoly and the company changed some of the game’s board pieces in 2017. But this will be the first time in more than 85 years that the Rhode Island-based company has changed the game’s community cards.”

Apparently, the new cards are already up for vote. They did not give us enough time to come up with concepts for the new cards. However, this could be a good thing. Could you imagine how the Gen Z crowd would ruin the community chest cards? Do a Tik Tok Dance or Eat Ramen out of the toilet. They can’t be trusted.

I, for one, am all for Monopoly changing things up. It’s a great game but the Community Chest cards aren’t perfect. Let’s be honest; the only cards that really matter in the chest are go to jail, pass go, and pay a tax for every house you own. None of the other cards move the needle.

I’m not saying every Community Chest has to be a game changer, but we can do better. Hell of a lot better than getting $10 for taking second place in a beauty contest. Have you seen me with my shirt off? I’m not taking second.

Credit to Monopoly for taking these steps. The GOAT board game remains the GOAT for a reason.

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