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Mohamed Ibrahim

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Mohamed Ibrahim 2023 NFL Draft Profile

Mohamed Ibrahim
How should you feel about Minnesota running back Mohamed Ibrahim? Let’s go over his 2023 NFL Draft profile! (Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports)

Mohamed Ibrahim 2023 NFL Draft Profile

There are going to be two sides of the coin with the Mohamed Ibrahim discussion. Do you care more about the past production or the projection? I think most people already know which way I’m leaning when it comes to this one. We already talked about his quarterback so let’s do the same with the Minnesota running back. Here is your Mohamed Ibrahim 2023 NFL Draft Profile!

Between Tavion Thomas and Mohamed Ibrahim, you’re looking at your race to the bottom in terms of who the slowest running back is in the draft. We already know Thomas was slow. However, Ibrahim declined to run at the combine. I just don’t think Ibrahim has the necessary speed to play at the next level and I don’t think it’s crazy to say that.

The other part of this is the injury history. Ibrahim has been hurt during virtually every year of his collegiate career at some point. 2021 it was the Achilles. There has been a lot of time here missed with injuries. Do you really want to invest a pick on a running back that has trouble staying on the field in college? I thought the whole point was finding a back that has fresh tread on the tires?

There is also zero track record of receiving production. Was he just not asked to do it or can he simply not do it? Maybe it was a mixture of both?

If you’re looking for positives, maybe Ibrahim is this year’s version of Dameon Pierce. WIth Pierce, I was lower than I guess I should have been. Maybe this is the same instance. Hey, I am wrong 1.3% of the time when it comes to this stuff.

37 career touchdowns is certainly not a small number. We have three 1,000 plus yard seasons to work with including a breakout 2022 campaign. 1,665 rushing yards is a great year by any standard. It did come on 320 carries which goes back to that tread on the tires thing but we just went over that. This is the positive section, damnit! Bottom line, Ibrahim is an old school back that’s going to stick his head down and act as a sledge hammer to the run game.

At the end of the day, Mohamed Ibrahim feels pretty predictable. Maybe you find something late in the draft but the red flags here don’t warrant a draftable player here. Best case scenario is you have a rotational running back that you shouldn’t be reaching for anyway. Good collegiate player but what’s the real ceiling in the NFL?

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