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Mike Trout

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Is Mike Trout The Most Hated Person At TopGolf?

Mike Trout
(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Is Mike Trout The Most Hated Person At TopGolf?

People have mixed feelings about TopGolf. For those who are unaware of what TopGolf is, it is basically a three-story driving range with massive in-ground rings for you to aim at. There are a handful of games you can play while there, ranging from scoring the most amount of points in any ring to shooting in just specific rings and if you miss or hit into another ring, you lose points, etc. Some think it’s overrated. That it’s overpriced. I think it’s a mixture of both. I have quite a bit of fun when going with a group, but it does get awfully pricey. I know someone, though, who seems to love TopGolf, and that’s Mike Trout.

I am sure you have seen the old video of Mike Trout with a group of friends hitting an absolute nuke and his friends go nuts. I will link it below if you haven’t.

There is a rule that you aren’t allowed to hit balls over any of the nets. Trout must’ve seen this and said hold my beer. When this video came out in 2020, everyone got a good laugh out of it, but I am sure those folks who worked there that night weren’t too pleased. Well, he’s back at it again.

I’ll give the dude credit. He’s got a good-looking swing. I am sure there’s no better feeling than absolutely nailing a golf ball straight as an arrow as far as he did. But at this point, he must be the most hated man by the folks at TopGolf. No matter what he swings, I guarantee you those balls are leaving the yard, just like the ones he hits out of Angel Stadium in Anaheim. When he rolls through the front door, he gets the dirtiest looks from the employees.

TopGolf can be loads of fun. It probably is a ton of fun if you’re hitting nukes like Mike Trout does when he’s there. But we are entering the “do not let him in” range. If he keeps going, they are going to have to make sure he either doesn’t get a top-floor bay or he has to use lefty clubs or something. Good on you, though. If I hit golf balls like that, I would do this too.


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