Evans Offers Pay Cut
(Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)

Mike Evans offered a pay cut for himself.

Mike Evans told the Tampa Bay Buccaneers front-office and coaches he would take a pay cut in order to stay on this stacked roster. In an interview with Peter King, Bruce Arians talked about the unselfishness of this team

“Most teams talk about stars lowering their egos for the common good but listen to Arians: “Mike Evans is the most unselfish superstar I’ve ever met. He’s told us to use some of his money if we need to contracts to keep the team together!” 

ProFootball Talk

The NFL salary cap has not been confirmed for next season, but we do expect it to take a dramatic hit with the loss of revenue due to the pandemic. Not all teams have been able to have fans, and even the teams that do allow fans only had a fraction of the capacity the stadiums were built for. This leaves the owners in a unique spot they could not have thought could happen, so budgets have for sure been altered.

The salary cap is a league wide number, so despite the fact that Florida and Tampa were allowed to have fans, the salary cap will still drop for them as-well.

The Buc’s roster on paper is insane! Rob Gronkowski being a 4th or 5th option to throw the ball to for Tom Brady tells you all you need to know, but like all off-seasons people move on and sign for more money elsewhere. Mike Evans’ has no more guaranteed money left on his deal, but he did sign a 5-year extension worth $82.5 million a few years back.

Evans’ offering to cut his pay check is not a surprising move at all, he has converted some of his money to a signing bonus in the past to free up cap room for the front office. He has been nominated twice for Walter Peyton Man of the Year, which is a team nominated award for their most charitable player.

Evans’ is a very charitable person seemingly, his foundation Mike Evans’ Family Foundation develops scholarships for students to go to college who may not have the financial capability.

TL//DR: Mike Evans could take a pay cut to keep this team together for another championship.