Mike Evans Odell Beckham
My faith in humanity has been restored. Mike Evans is better than Odell Beckham despite media coverage skewed the opposite way. (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

My faith in humanity has been restored. I put out a poll on the Twitter account because I was genuinely curious how people viewed two players. In my mind, there is no question Mike Evans is better than Odell Beckham. In terms of media coverage? It has been skewed the total opposite way. Surprisingly, the people got this one right.

Small sample size, but the results came in about what I expected. There was bound to be one person who voted for Odell because, of course. I thought maybe the Mike Evans number for Yes would be higher. What’s more important is the people have acknowledged Evans is the better WR which is something I’ve always believed.

The truth of the matter is, Odell hasn’t been that good the last 3 years.

2017: 25 receptions, 302 yards, 3 touchdowns (4 games played)

2018: 77 receptions, 1,052 yards, 6 touchdowns (12 games)

2019: 74 receptions, 1,035 yards, 4 touchdowns (16 games)

This past year, Beckham was average at best. He had a catch rate of 55.6 which was by far the lowest of his career. OBJ was a fantasy bust all year. It was tough to watch.

Evans just has every edge over OBJ. He’s bigger, stronger, durable, more productive, and only 0.10 slower despite being 6 inches taller. Mike Evans is a freak. They don’t make them like that. I’m glad the voters agree. There’s a clear gap between the two.

In terms of top 5, Evans has to be on the list. DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, Davante Adams, Julio Jones, and Make Evans make up the top 5. Tyreek Hill is the only other name under consideration. Regardless, my faith in humanity has been restored. Mike Evans is better than Odell Beckham.