Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas is the best wide receiver in football and it’s not close (Sean Gardner / Getty Images)

When people argue who the best wide receiver in football is, there should only be one answer. No, it’s not Julio Jones or Odell Beckham, or Davante Adams. No, it’s not DeAndre Hopkins or Tyreek Hill either. There is only one answer and that man is Michael Thomas. The Saints wide receiver isn’t just the best player at his position. He might be the best player regardless of position in the sport.

Let’s just break down some facts. Michael Thomas is on pace for 150 receptions. The NFL record is 143. Thomas hasn’t dropped a ball all year. Thomas hasn’t dropped a ball since Week 7 of the 2018 season. Nelson Agholor can’t go two quarters without dropping a ball but I digress. Thomas has 58 first down receptions. That’s also the most in the NFL. Thomas is averaging 114.1 yards per game. Also number one in the NFL.

Thomas isn’t just dominating. He’s caught passes from three different players. Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater, and Taysom Hill. Chemistry matters and Thomas has had a different quarterback under center for a number of weeks. It doesn’t matter. He still dominates. Drew Brees is completing 86 percent of his throws when targetting Michael Thomas. Yeah… 86 percent. When Teddy Bridgewater targets Thomas, he has a QBR of over 95. When throwing to anyone else, Bridgewater has a QBR of 54.

That also factors into the entire point. Thomas is being doubled and triple teamed constantly. Teams want guys like Tre’Quan Smith, Ted Ginn, and Jared Cook to beat them. They do everything possible to stop Thomas. He still dominates. Imagine if Thomas had even an average number two receiver next to him.

NOBODY is doing what Michael Thomas is doing. He’s the best receiver in the NFL and it’s not really close. Thomas is the most irreplaceable receiver in the NFL. Take the former Ohio State receiver away and the Saints are in BIG trouble. The NFL may have a new best overall player and it’s Michael Thomas.