Michael Hill is begging fans to give the Marlins a chance. I’m not sure anyone is willing to (Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports)

The Miami Marlins are the laughing stock of baseball. They are the closest thing it gets to an actual minor league team in the actual majors. The Marlins are so bad that I don’t even know half of the players on the roster and I pride myself on knowing everyone in every sport. The Marlins have been gutted and every player with a lick of talent is gone in order to save money. Marlins management is asking the fans not to give up on the team.

President of Baseball Operations Michael Hill is begging fans to give the Marlins a chance. What in the world?

“I would tell our fans to just give us a chance,” Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill said. “So many people have written off the Marlins and really haven’t taken an opportunity to take a deep look at what we’re building. When you have a lot to do, it’s going to take time and we understand where we’re at. But we’ve been able to add a tremendous amount of talent over the last 18 months.”

I’m not sure if Michael Hill understands what talent is. Giancarlo Stanton? Yeah, he gone. Christian Yelich? Yup, sold for a bag of peanuts. Marcell Ozuna? Oh, yeah that whole outfield is gone. J.T. Realmuto? That’s funny, he just got sold off this week, you’re too late to the bidding. This team has been stripped down to the studs.

The Marlins won 63 games in 2018 and are probably somehow worse on paper in 2019. The fans have responded. Attendance dropped to a club record-low 811,104 total fans in 2018. This is why Hill is begging fans to give the team a chance. Because no one is showing up to the games anymore. 2019 is a year where people hate Derek Jeter and for good reason. He’s killing this team and he’s being a total jackass along the way.

At the end of the day, spring training is great but that’s about the fullest extent Florida should host baseball. The fans in that state just can’t embrace the sport for whatever reason. Take the Marlins and Rays. Put one in Montreal and the other in Vegas. Problem solved.