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Derek Jeter

(Jasen Vinlove/USA TODAY Sports)

Hated Marlins Owner Derek Jeter Fires Mascot Billy The Marlin

Derek Jeter
Just imagine firing this lovable mascot? That’s what Derek Jeter just did. (Jasen Vinlove/USA TODAY Sports)

We now live in a world where Derek Jeter is more hated than Alex Rodriguez. While I’ve always hated Derek Jeter during his playing days with the Yankees, he has now given the rest of the public a reason to hate him. After a dysfunctional offseason that couldn’t have been any worse, Jeter’s antics have gone to a new level.

Local Marlins reporter Craig Mish has tweeted that Jeter has fired the man behind the mascot, Billy the Marlin.

Jeter has now fired or terminated Jeff Conine, Jack McKeon, Andre Dawson, and Tony Perez. That’s just in the ranks within the front office. Now it’s gotten to the point where you just want to punch Jeter in the face. Firing a mascot! Are you kidding me! Billy the Marlin has stared the same person for fourteen years and there really hasn’t been a reported reason why he was let go of his job. At this point, just point that finger at Derek Jeter being a horrible human being.

He also is set to put an embarrassing product out on the field in Miami. He essentially gave away Giancarlo Stanton for salary relief and Starlin Castro. Nevermind the fact that the organization gave him a $325 million contract. The Marlins blew up one of the best outfields in all of baseball shipping Marcell Ozuna to St. Louis and Christian Yellich to Milwaukee. But hey, at least they will make a profit this year by saving money on the field!

This clown show that Derek Jeter has displayed during his short stint with the Marlins is just flat out embarrassing. Oh, remember when Jeter fired a long time scout who had cancer and was in need of a kidney transplant? Do you still like Derek Jeter? If so, I don’t like you.

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