Maxi Kleber
Sean Berry/Getty Images

After Luka Doncic, Kristaps Porzingis, and Tim Hardaway Jr., who else do the Mavericks really have? Also, the Mavericks don’t have the best defense on their team. Despite his height, Porzingis isn’t a good defender. That’s why whoever is paired with him in the frontcourt is all that much more important. We saw flashes of brilliance from Maxi Kleber before the COVID-19 hiatus. Now the question is if he can continue being the center the Mavericks need to advance in the playoffs.

Maxi Kleber Stats

Maxi Kleber has gotten a bigger role as of late due to the injury of Dwight Powell. So far, Maxi averages 9.2 PPG on 45.9% shooting, 1.2 APG, and 5.4 RPG. His stats are not that glamorous but he is only started breaking out as of late. With the timetable still unclear for Dwight Powell, Maxi should be the go-to Center for the Mavericks. While THJ, Luka Doncic, who plays the game the right way, and Porzingis will focus more on the scoring aspect, Maxi Kleber needs to be the defender the Mavericks need in the frontcourt. Although he is a center, he still has the capability of spreading the floor because of the amount of 3s he takes. He averages 37.4% from 3 while averaging at least 4 3P attempts per game. He actually takes more 3s than he does 2s.

If Maxi Kleber can be the rim protector the Mavericks need, while also spreading the floor on the offensive end, he helps the Mavs be in position for the best chance to win. Most of the scoring should be taken care of with Tim Hardaway Jr., Kristaps Porzingis, and Luka Doncic, Maxi needs to focus on other things for the team. The Mavericks are ahead of schedule for success, so they’re on the outside looking in to win a Championship. But there’s always a chance for an upset if players fill out their role correctly.