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Sean McVay
(Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Could Sean McVay Really Step Away From Coaching?

Sean McVay
(Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Sean McVay Moving On The NFL Isn’t As Surprising As It Seems

Sean McVay is one of the biggest names in the NFL. At age 36, he is already one of the best young coaches in the league. His brilliant offensive mind combined with his passion and enthusiasm for the game has made him a household name when it comes to NFL coaches. However, we all know that NFL is chock full of surprises. One of which could be with the man himself. The former Coach of the Year is planning on considering his future as head coach of the Los Angeles Rams. If the “home” team does end up winning this year’s Lombardi, then his decision could become even easier.

This Is Nothing New

McVay has not been shy about his coaching career in the past. He said that he would step away from the game earlier than some might expect, especially if he feels burnt out. One could understand that a few years ago. Even now, a possible departure from the Rams would simply be more surprising. They solved their long-standing question mark at the quarterback position. The acquisition of Matthew Stafford is paying massive dividends and could for a while. Von Miller has made their defense even more dangerous. Now, they are one game away from immortality and repeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers feat of winning the Super Bowl in their home stadium. McVay has more than deserved this opportunity to consider his future. A Super Bowl win would only solidify that.

Plenty Of Oppurtunities

If McVay does choose to take a step back, he will have no shortage of choices. Television networks would undoubtedly be interested in hiring him as an analyst. It’s also worth noting that he is getting married this summer. He could just choose to spend time with his wife and begin thinking about starting a family. He could also choose to work in a front-office role or have almost every team in the league offer a coaching job to him in the future. Regardless, McVay will have a lot to think about, and rightfully so. Tomorrow, he has his second bite of the Super Bowl apple. He may finally be able to know how it tastes.

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