Manchester City
(Matt McNulty – Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images)

Current Premier League Champions Manchester City have been banned from all European competition for two years starting next season and fined $32.5 million by UEFA as punishment for “serious breaches” of the Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations.

UEFA claim that City “overstated its sponsorship revenue in its accounts and in the break-even information submitted to European football’s governing body between 2012 and 2016.” They also claimed City were uncooperative in the investigation by the Club Financial Control Board.

City have reacted angrily, stating they were “disappointed but not surprised” by the ruling. They also added that “The Club has always anticipated the ultimate need to seek out an independent body and process to impartially consider the comprehensive body of irrefutable evidence in support of its position.”

So what does this all mean for Manchester City and their fans? Right now, absolutely nothing. City have already released a strongly worded statement claiming they “will pursue an impartial judgment as quickly as possible and will therefore, in the first instance, commence proceedings with the Court of Arbitration for Sport at the earliest opportunity.”

This will likely happen within the next few months, given a result will be needed by the time next season’s competition kicks off in July. If their appeal is unsuccessful the remaining Champions League place will go to the fifth place team in the Premier League which could also have a knock on effect for the Europa League.

NBC are also reporting the Premier League could issue a points deduction for the reigning champions. This could potentially happen this season with City 22 points behind Liverpool and safe from relegation, although for legal reasons this most likely won’t happen until next season at the earliest as City appeal the decision.

Is the coffin closing on the once great AC Milan?

As for City, they will lose approximately £170 million in revenue from not playing Champions League football if their appeal is unsuccessful.